Fiancee Visa + Spousal Visa 
Full Support Service

100% Money Back Guarantee



You do your part, and I will do mine. If your K1, K2, CR1, IR1, or IR2 petition is denied by USCIS, I will return ALL of the FEES you have paid me. I do not offer this RISK FREE GUARANTEE to frivoulous couples or fakes. The basic conditions are that you do your part: You and your fiancee are a GENUINE COMMITTED couple, you both meet all the eligibility requirements, and there have not been any mis-deeds. 

The exact terms and conditions are as follows:

I guarantee the FULL VISA SUPPORT service. If you have done your part and the visa petition is denied by USCIS, I will return 100% of the fees you have paid me in FULL.


    • Providing, You and your Fiancee or Spouse 
    • ·       Give full and honest answers to all questions 
    • ·       Provide all supporting documents requested 
    • ·       Have a genuine bona fide committed relationship 
    • ·       Have no prior immigration proceedings 
    • ·       Have no prior visa denials 
    • ·       Do not need to request a Waiver
    • ·       Have had a face to face meeting (within 24 months) 
    • ·       Exceed the financial eligibility requirements 
    • ·       Have no criminal history 
    • ·       Are in compliance with IMBRA.

If you are not eligible for the guarantee, I can STILL help you. I just can’t give you a guarantee. You will need my advice and efforts even more than usual to develop a winning game plan to overcome your special circumstances.

Got any questions: Call Me: 1-800-806-3210 ext 702

By Fred Wahl