K1 Fiance Visas get Priority Interviews during Covid-19 Pandemic

K1 Fiance Visas NOW approved for Priority Interviews (during Covid-19 Pandemic)

Today, there is good news on the K1 Fiance Visa process
during Covid 19.  The US State Department has just announced, that they will now ALSO treat K1 Fiancee Visas as a high priority for interviews at open and partially opened US consulates world wide.

US consulate service shuttered themselves off at end of March 2020, most consulates closed their doors. Scheduled
interviews cancelled without notice. All cases put on hold.
At that time, there were most likely about 3 to 4 months of cases in the pipeline for each consulate. For the next
5 months more cases got through their USCIS approval, and
were added to the backlog, either at the consulate level
or remaining at NVC.

As per a previous update on the K1 Visa Processing timeline during the pandemic, this is good news as we expect things to speed up greatly

In the last few months, some consulates have reopened fully
for business, and some have opened their doors, just a crack. Officially closed to the public, but quietly started to contact some of their pending cases inviting a
select few to enter the consulate for interviews and
visa issuance.

This was good news. It was especially good news for
the spouses and children of US citizens.
Because their cases, but only their cases, were made a priority.

The consulate tackled these cases first, slowly, with
social distancing, interviewing these lucky few applicants and issuing their visas. About
a half dozen of VisaCoach spouse visa clients have been
recently interviewed, approved and on their way to the USA.

Well that was good news for them. But other cases, and remember there now are about 9 or more months worth
are still on hold, and in most cases
hearing nothing from NVC or the Consulate.

But just a few days ago, the US State Department
announced that it’s OFFICIAL policy, world wide
is to now add K1 Fiance visa applicants to the
high priority list.

This means, that good progress has been made
clearing the backlog of spouses and children, and
now they are deciding “Who is next?”.

Well, if you have a Fiance visa case pending, it is
good news for you. Your case will be next.

On August 31, Monday, the State Department posted this announcement at their website.

Now, K1 Visa applications are the newest high priority.

This means you should be hearing from the consulate
or NVC soon, either that the consulate is ready
to interview you or NVC is sending your case
to the consulate.

Finally, light at the end of the tunnel. So watch your email for good news.

Many applicants are worried that their four month, USCIS
approval would expire. I already expected and advised
my clients not to worry, that extension would be automatic. So for clarity, to calm more nerves, the State Departments announcement also mentioned this. The announcement confirms that if processing of your case was delayed due to Covid 19, then the consulate can (read that as will) extend your case’s validity.

This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach

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