How to Fill in i485

How to complete I-485 Application to register Permanent residence or adjust status

The application for Adjustment of Status uses the I-485 form.

I-485 forms may be obtained directly from USCIS or downloaded from our website.

   Adjustment of Status

Once the couple marries, USCIS MUST be notified in order to change the Fiancee’s status from that of a foreigner visiting the U.S. for 90 days, to that of a foreigner now married to a U.S. citizen entitled to remain in the U.S. indefinitely as a Permanent Resident. The form to use is I-485, Adjustment of Status. As soon as possible the I-485 should be completed and submitted to USCIS. When this is approved, her status is officially changed to that of a Conditional Resident. She is given a drivers licence sized id card confirming her permission to remain in the U.S. . This is traditionally called the “Green Card”.

Don’t plan to leave the U.S. for your honeymoon. While waiting for the “Green Card” it is best that the new spouse NOT travel outside of the U.S. After your partner receives his or her permanent residency your partner can travel freely.

Advanced Parole:

There may come a need for your former Fiance (now your spouse) to leave the U.S. before the “Green Card” arrives.    He or she should notify USCIS via form I-131 Advance Parole. This will allow her or him to travel, and reenter the U. S. and to obtain the “Green Card.”  Should your partner leave without obtaining the Advance Parole before  Conditional Residency is approved, she or he may lose eligibility for residence and be required to start the visa petition process all over again, this time applying for spouse visa.  It is best to wait until the “Green Card” arrives.

Please be careful to complete this form completely, legibly and honestly.

Type or print in black ink.

Write “None” in fields where appropriate.

Write “N/A” in fields where appropriate.

By Fred Wahl