How to Fill in i130

I130: How to complete the I130 Petition




I130 Form: How to complete I130
Petition for Alien Relative
(Spouse Visa)



I130 forms may be obtained directly from USCIS

This form with supporting documents will begin the Spousal visa process.

Please be careful to complete this form completely, legibly and honestly.

Type or print in black ink.

Write “None” in fields where appropriate.

Write “N/A” in fields where appropriate.


Supporting documents to be sent with I-130

Birth Certificates of both Spouse and Sponsor

Passport copies of both Spouse and Sponsor

2 passport type photos each for both Spouse and Sponsor

Proof of US citizen ship of Sponsor (birth certificate, current passport, etc)

Filing fees.

Death certificates or Divorce decrees (as applicable)

Certified English Translations (as applicable)


Optional but highly recommended

Cover Letter.

Photos, documents etc providing “proof” of the relationship

Letters from Sponsor attesting to the nature of the relationship and confirming the marriage is genuine..

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach