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How to Bring your Fiancee from United Kingdom to the USA



There are three US consulate service locations in the United Kingdom, but only one consulate, at the embassy in London, is reponsible for the processing of all Fiance visas. So even if your gal lives across the street from a consulate, she will still have to make the trip to London for processing.

One to two weeks before her interview date she undergoes a medical exam at one of the two consulate approved Medical clinics in London.

Finally she attends the visa interview at the consulate in London, to demonstrate she is of good moral character and the engagement is Bona fide.

A week later a courier delivers her visa, and then your partner can join you in the USA.

I make the process sound simple. But its not. It is easy to make rookie mistakes that can derail the entire process.

By Fred Wahl
Your Personal Immigration Guide