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What to do if your Visa is Denied

Despite ones best efforts, sometimes the answer is "no"..

If that should happen to you, here are my suggestions:.

Rarely, the consulate provides a letter, describing in detail why the petition was denied. This should be studied carefully and action taken to correct what you can.

More often there is no letter, or the letter only offers the vague statement that "the couple was not found bone fide".

Basically that means that the consular officers intuition told him to deny.

You do not have any real solid facts to go on. However you should try your best to figure out what went wrong.

Review with your Fiancee, and/or a knowlegible Immigration expert, all that happened during the meeting. Work together to decide "What went wong?" "What were the "red flags" that led the consular officer to his negative decision.

Try to determine what was it that the consulate officer was concerned about, found suspicious or reacted negatively to?

Did he ask a lot of questions about an ex-wife?

Details about the marriage proposal?

Wanted to know about finances?

Who introduced you and why?

Commented on the courtship going on before the divorce was final?

Whatever seemed to go wrong, that is something you should work hard to identify.

Consular decisions regarding visa issuance are rarely (if ever) overturned.

The most effective course for most is to learn from experience, Identify what caused the denial, correct the problem, then submit a new petition.

For Example:

If denied due to little time spent together, or infrequent trips to meet, then "step up" your travel, as much as you can afford..

If denied due to limited time in the relationship, by now, an extra year has gone by.

If denied due to too little correspondence proof, start emailing, save those records.

If not enough photos, take them now.

Go down your list of suspected "red flags" and fix each if possible.

Not all CAN be fixed, but they don't have to be, because the rising tide that "lifts all hulls" in your favor, is that you are spending more time face to face, you have total time as a couple, and have not dissappeared after being denied, only a Bone Fide couple regroups and trys again

Persistance pays off.

As you should now well understand, this process is NOT the same as applying for a drivers licence. Don't submit a petition of just minimal documents, expecting any uncertainties will be cleared up at the interview. That did not work the first time, and is unlikely to work the second.

Submit a "front loaded" petition that includes a thorough set of evidences which demonstrate your "bone fide" relationship, and that respond to the reasons for denial showing that they have been corrected, or are no longer relevant.

As the consular officer reviews these in advance of your second, and hopefully last, interview he should recognize your sincerity and be inclined to approve even before the interview starts.

Good luck.

By Fred Wahl

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