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Department of State NVC Computer Fails: No Visas issued for 14 days

The Department of State’s National Visa Center’s main computer system that handles the coding and security features for new visas, failed  June 9, and has been offline, “while programmers work around the clock” for two weeks. Finally, on Tuesday June 23, some consulates resumed printing and started working off their backlog of approved visas.

All visa applicants, who had their interviews a week before the outage, through to those just coming in for their interview this week and probably next week too, will face long delays before the State department clears the backlog, printing and delivering recently approved visas.

Lesson to be learned:

Even the best presented case, after the most pleasant and positive interview,  might STILL run into delays before the issuance of a valid visa.

I regularly warn my clients, they should not purchase air travel or put deposits on chapels or honeymoon trips before the visa has actually been issued.  I actually go further and advise they should not start their reservation process until  AFTER the printed visa has been carefully checked for typos.


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