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History Letter: ESSENTIAL element of “Front Loaded” Visa Petition

History Letter: Important element of “Front Loaded” Petition

Last weekend I was conducting a review of a new client’s “do it yourself” petition.

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He had done all the work himself to apply for his Ukranian fiancee’s K1 visa petition and was smart enough to know that he needed the
advice of an expert like “the Visa Coach”,  to keep him from shooting himeself in the foot, AGAIN.

Yes he had already had his petition denied and bounced by USCIS and was redoing the submission. A wiser choice would have been to order my full support, but that is another story.

Describe the Circumstances of your meeting.

In reviewing what he had done, I came across his answer to “Describe the Circumstances under which you met?”. His answer was simple, cold, succinct. “We met at this website. I visited her for a week from DATE to DATE. I proposed. We plan to marry when the K1 visa is approved.”

A Valuable Opportunity was missed

What he did is adequate. I give him a “C”. He answered the question. But he could have done much more to help his case. A valueable opportunity was missed. In order to “win” the interview
we want to craft all materials that the consular officer sees to promote approval.

The Goal is to WIN the interview

The History Letter is a GOLDEN opportunity to impress the consular officer, to get him on to your side. I recommend elaborating on the response about “Circumstances”, by writing a detailed “History of OUR Relationship Letter”. The letter describes your relationship; past, present and future.

I help my clients write a 2 to 3 page letter. Its simple purpose is to describe the circumstances of the face face meeting. It’s real
objective is to tell “the Couple’s Story”. The couple is portrayed as two believable human beings, whose love affair can be understood and sympathetically related to. I want the consular officer to feel
he knows the couple, likes them, and wants to help make their “fairy tale” romance come true.

For most people it’s writing is not pleasant. I make the process as easy as possible, by asking a series of short, simple questions, to prompt them for details. Before they realize it the couple has given me plenty of material to work with. I then edit and whittle the text
down to a readable, effective and persuasive letter.

The History Letter then becomes an effective part of the “front loaded” petition we submit to USCIS.

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Eliminate Red Flags.

Not only is the History letter useful to introduce the couple in a most favorable way, but it ALSO can be used to explain or reduce the effect of red flags. Red flags are causes for suspicion or concern that a consular officer may have and may if not properly addressed lead to denial.

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For example, what if the couple “has not seen each other in-person for a long time, has a significant age difference, or courted before a divorce was final?”

Leave it for your Fiance to Defend

You could wait until those topics come up during the interview, and hope your fiancee’s debating skills are top notch, when she is put under the spotlight of the consular officer.

Instead, I help you explain your situation clearly and persuasively in writing. We let the consular officer read your considered words before the interview begins. By doing a good job answering the officer’s tough questions before he thinks to ask them, we prepare the way for an easier non-confrontational interview and visa approval.

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