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During the last two months USCIS has been incredibly fast, consistently approving cases in only 2 – 3 months.

For example:

Congratulations Alan (USA) and Maria (Philippines)
USCIS I129F approval in 42 days ! July 17 to Aug 28.

Congratulations Aiden (USA) and Vatthana (Laos)
USCIS I129F approval in 4 months days ! May 1 to Aug 30

Congratulations Steven (USA) and Rengen (Philippines)
USCIS I129F approval in 32 days  August 2 to Sep 3

Congratulations Cristopher (USA) and Amparo (Philippines)
USCIS I129F approval in 98 days  May 29 to Sep 4

Congratulations Steve (USA) and Rosanna (Philippines)
USCIS I129F approval in 46 days  July 25 to Sep 9

Congratulations Tuan (USA) and Lenneth (Philippines)
USCIS I129F approval in 60 days  July 12 to Sep 10

Congratulations Terry (USA) and Apasanan (Thailand)
USCIS I129F approval in 67 days  July 8 to Sep 13

Congratulations Harry (USA) and Mython (Vietnam)
USCIS I129F approval in 47 days  July 31 to Sep 16

This compares to 9 months it took for most cases around this time last year, and the long term USCIS average of 5 months.

Most of the credit must be given to the new Texas Processing Center which is taking over delayed and pending cases from California and Vermont, as well as receiving new Fiancee and Spouse visa cases.

The National Visa Center (NVC) operated by the Department of State receives all the approved cases from USCIS, touches each case, and assigns and forwards them to the destination consulates or embassies that will conduct interviews and issue the visas.

Just like when a thunderstorm dumps inches of rain up-river, eventually a wave front, or flash flood,  of tons of water eventually arrive downstream.

Apparently the wave front of approved cases from USCIS has overtopped the dikes at NVC. They are not able to process the cases as fast as they arrive and they are piling up. I am getting calls from clients now, whose cases should have quickly passed through NVC weeks ago, which NVC has NOT EVEN ENTERED into their database yet.  One can imagine NVC’s mailroom is overflowing with new (unopened) cases, and more arriving every day.

Slow, fast, whatever: the best way to endure the K1 Fiancee or CR1 Spouse Visa process is to do an awesome job in preparing a comphrehensive “front loaded” petition, then, then, exercizing patience.

The sooner we start working on your petition, the SOONER your lover gets their visa.

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