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How Early after meeting can you submit I-129F petition for Fiance Visa?

How soon can one  submit the  I-129F petition for Fiance Visa? FAQ#13

The simple answer is, before you submit

“Look around you and get an idea of what is normal”.

The consular officers are trained to seek fraud.

One way they look for fraud is to compare your story
with that of the other couples they interview.

The closer your courtship and timeline looks similar to
what is considered normal (for her country, for your cultures)
the less skepticism.

The further away from the norm, especially on the side
of cutting corners and rushing things, the more skepticism
your petition attracts.



Compare the timeline of your courtship, from your first date
to the day you proposed marriage, compare this with the
timelines of other average couples,from the same culture,and country.

If it is common practice to rush to engagement and elope after only a few
weeks, then your short relationship is consistent with the norm,
and therefore looks reasonable,

If common practice is to have long courtships followed by long engagements,
then your short relationship is NOT consistent with the norm,
time to slow down.

Each situation is different, each consular officer
applies his own experience and judgement.

by Fred Wahl
Fiancee Visa Coach


2 Responses to How Early after meeting can you submit I-129F petition for Fiance Visa?

  • Catherine says:

    Hi Mr. Fred Wahl

    I have one question. my fiance from USA came here last March 2012. We’re still not able to start in filling fiance visa yet.I read that the Foreign Man should visit and within 2years he should file the fiance visa. If we start the process like taking your service say within February or March 2014 will it be consider? or not? will my fiance need to come back here in Philippines for another visit? and also I want to know how much is the total cost for us to complete the process, my fiance from Connecticut would like to know.

    • Matchmaker says:

      You have to have met face to face within 24 months before applying. So a March 2012 meeting, could allow you to wait as long as March 2014 to submit. That would meet the “face to face” meeting requirement. I always think however that a couple that can not visit each other more frequently, will have a more difficult time to demonstrate that their relationship is bone fide. I council my clients to meet every 6 to 9 months. AND if that is not possible, to try to submit IMMEDIATELY upon return from a trip. For example your fiance could have submitted in April 2012 right after his trip. That would have looked normal. Now if he waits two years later to submit, it looks suspicious. The fees I charge couples to help them with their fiancee visa applications is only $695. Ask your fiance to telephone me directly to answer his questions, and to get started.

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