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What makes a Fiancee or Spousal visa case look Suspicious?

  • Fiancee or Spousal visa Red Flags Consular officers  review each Fiancee or spousal Visa case to decide if, in the officer’s opinion, the couple has a genuine relationship and is worthy of visa approval. There are some factors that will raise the consular officers suspicions. So called ‘red flags’. These will not necessarily cause denial, But serve to ‘raise the bar’ resulting in the reviewing officer applying greater diligence.

    Some of these ‘red flags’ are:

    Foreign Fiancee’s Background
  • The foreign fiancee is from a ‘Hi-risk’ country
    (where rate of visa fraud is higher than average)The foreign fiancee has been petitioned for by a different American

    The foreign fiancee has two or more previous marriages

    The foreign fiancee has a history of failed visa application attempts

    American Sponsor’s Background

    The American sponsor has petitioned for other foreign women.

    The American sponsor has two or more previous marriages.

    Who performed the Introduction

    The couple were introduced by a relative of the foreign fiancee.

    The trip to meet was arranged, escorted by, and/or paid for, by the fiancee’s relative

    The couple met using an online website specializing in introducing foreign women to American men. A so called ‘International Marriage Broker’

    Speed of  relationship’s progress

    The couple became engaged/married after only knowing each other for a short time

    The couple became engaged PRIOR  to their first “face to face” meeting.

    The couple submitted their petition after only knowing each other for a short time

    Quality of Relationship

    Limited ongoing and regular communications, or limited EVIDENCE
    of ongoing and regular communication

    The couple has only spent brief  “face to face” time together.

    The couple has not met “face to face” for an excessively long time

    Age Difference

    A significant age difference between the couple

    Language Barrier

    They can not communicate fluently in a common language
    (they rely on human or electronic translators)

    Don’t Despair

    If you have have many ‘red flags’ don’t despair. In general they can be resolved by direct action.  Moving too fast?, slow down. English weak?,  language school. Too little ‘face to face’ time, fly.  Paper trail non-existent, start saving.

    Can’t ‘fix’ a red flag.  

    You won’t be able to fix all. Can’t change your age, or the past actions. But
    what you CAN do is improve the quality of your case by having more shared experiences, more longevity, and  as much ‘face to face time’ as time and money permit.

    Submit a ‘Front-Loaded’ Petition

    When ready,  submit a well prepared petition that includes a thorough ‘front-loaded’  evidence package that tells your story, to its best effect. Prove your case with the original petition, so well, and so completely, that the consular officer who reviews the petition package immediately prior to your gal’s interview, will be so impressed, that the interview becomes a relaxed and brief 5 minute formality, instead of a 15 to 30 minute ordeal.

  • by Fred Wahl
    Fiancee Visa Coach

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