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Fiancee or Marriage Visa: Which is better Choice?

A decade ago, the normal immigrant visa process, to get a your Spouse  to the USA (CR1 Visa) was horribly slow. The Fiance (K1 visa) process  was much faster. The Marriage (K3 visa) was invented to be faster than  the Marriage (CR1), and in practice was faster than the Spousal (CR1) but  slower than the Fiance (K1).

Fast forward to 2010. Currently USCIS and Department of State have  greatly improved their processing times. Today the time to enter the USA  for all three visa types is roughly the same, 7 – 8 months.  The main  difference between the visa types, is that the ‘K’ visas require a  second petition to ‘Adjust Status’ after the fiancee or spouse enters  the USA, to get her ‘Green Card’. The CR1 visa includes a Green Card.

By avoiding the Adjustment of Status petition, $1,010 of USCIS fees  may be saved. Thus the CR1 visa is about $1,000 cheaper than the  alternatives.

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by Fred Wahl
Fiancee Visa Coach


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