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US Embassy Poland Visa Interview in Warsaw Poland

Embassy Name & Address
American Embassy
Immigrant Visa Section
ul. Piekna 12, 00-540 Warsaw, Poland

Contact Information
Phone: +48 22 625 1042

Embassy URL

Obtaining Police Certificate
If the Applicant is in Poland

Application should be made directly to the National Criminal Register (Krajowy Rejestr Karny), ul. Czerniakowska 100, 00-454 Warszawa. Applicant should furnish full name, any previously used (i.e. maiden) name, date and place of birth, nationality, personal identification number (PESEL) if applicable, full names of parents, and applicant's current address. It usually takes up to two weeks for the Ministry of Justice to process good conduct certificate requests, although an applicant who appears personally at the Ministry can often obtain a certificate the same day.

If the Applicant is in the United States

Application should be sent to one of the four Polish diplomatic missions in the U.S.: Washington, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Applications may also be sent directly from overseas to the Ministry of Justice address listed above.

If the Applicant is in a Third Country

Application should be sent to the Polish Embassy in that country, or may be mailed directly to the Ministry of Justice address listed above.

Medical Exam Details
The embassy should tell her how to book the medical. She should arrange to have her medical at latest 1-2 weeks before her consulate interview. She should bring her passport, two photos, and her vaccination records. It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at the clinic

Below is the sole physician in the country authorized to do the medical.

Latvia (only one in the country):
Dr. Livija Caune
World Trade Center Building
(Pasaules tirdzniecibas centrs)
2 Elizabetes Street (1st floor), Riga, Latvia.
Tel: 00-371-6732-1980

At the end of the medical they should either tell her they are sending the results to the embassy for her, or provide her with a sealed envelope of results and X-rays. She MUST NOT open the envelope. She should take it to the interview, still sealed.

It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at her medical appointment. Having all the required vaccinations is required later when she applies for her Green card in the USA, so by doing it now she will save herself time later.

Cost of Medical Exam
PLN 250 (for filling the medical forms by a doctor) + PLN 35 (cost of chest X-rays) + PLN 35 (blood tests) + cost of all the vaccinations needed.

Lithuania - 270lt. plus cost of all the vaccinations needed(about 200lt)

Latvia - 100 Ls for exam and HIV/syphilis blood test, plus 32,70 Ls for the chest xray (TB).

By Fred Wahl

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