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Thai Fiance Visa in-country Local + Embassy Support

I help a lot of engaged and married couples from Thailand get their visas to come to the USA.

Sometimes, well, a couple can run into trouble and encounter delays when collecting Thai civil documents, and when suffering with the confusion that's often caused when trying to follow English language instructions when Thai is your partner's preferred language..

So often I have been asked if I could find someone reliable to help in Thailand, to speak in Thai with the fiance or spouse, and ensure that all is understood and goes smoothly

After an intensive search, I am very pleased to announce I have found a great organization in Thailand that shares my, and the VisaCoach, philosophy of top rate quality of service, that personally takes very good care of it's clients, and is willing, just like VisaCoach to go the extra mile to make sure a client's immigration experience is as positive, comfortable and fast as possible. This company is called Bangkok Buddy. I have already worked together with them on a few cases and the feedback we have gotten from our clients has been "over the top" positive.

The couple enjoyed and appreciated the benefit of having me, the VisaCoach, being in close contact with the American here in the States, while Bangkok Buddy works closely with his Thai Fiance or Spouse.

We have been complimented on how much confusion and aggravation they were spared compared to other people they knew who had unpleasant experiences when going the course without our help.

Now, it's official.

VisaCoach in association with Bangkok Buddy, now offers Thai language, in- country Thailand support combined with VisaCoach Full Fiance or Spouse Visa Support.

In addition to the regular VisaCoach Full support service, Thailand Support adds the following services for your Fiance or Spouse:

One on one assistance to complete the VisaCoach questionnaires with background and bio information.

Guidance on certified translations

Courier service to collect required signatures

Collection of Thai Police Clearances, saving your partner from going herself to police station.

Organizing the Medical Exam

One on one assistance to submit the Department of State's online applications

Scheduling the consulate interview

Preparation for the consular interview

This combined service, VisaCoach Full Fiancee or Spouse Visa Support with Thailand support, can be ordered through VisaCoach in the USA or in person at the Bangkok Buddy's offices in Thailand.

So if when you and your Thai Fiancee or Spouse you are starting your immigration journey add Thailand Support to your VisaCoach Full support service, so that your Fiance or Spouse will suffer less stress, knowing her questions and concerns will be promptly answered in Thai And that friendly caring personal one-on-one local help and guidance for her is at hand.

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach

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