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Hello Fred,
Sammi's K1 visa was approved on Tuesday morning in Guangzhou.  Thank you very much for your excellent preparation of the petition and for the training to allow us to prepare the additional evidence and all documents for the interview phase.  I will be looking to you for further information and help for the next phases at the appropriate time.

Theodore + Sammi
Fiance from China China

Hi Fred,

We already get pink yesterday and the interview was go really easy..^_^.. Our interview took about 5 minute. They have asked both of us the same time and didn't ask anything more. We had a wonderful time and lucky day for interview. We both want to share with you and thank you so much for your help..^_^..

Alan + Hoa
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

I must say I am amazed at how complex and comprehensive this process is.  No wonder people have trouble getting through it without help.  Our two phone calls have been enlightening.  Perhaps most interesting is your insight into subjective nature of the process and the people making the decisions. 

William + Sherry
Fiancee from China China

Letting you know Elisa had her interview and she was approved.  We are so happy. Thank you so much for all the work you did for us preparing our petition and all the forms we could not have done it without you. I will surely recommend your services to anyone that needs them.  Thank you so much. We will be contacting you to do our adjustment of status for us after we get married. I am going to flying over there on April 16th and will meet more of Elisa's family that i did not meet on my last trip and then we will fly back here together on the 26th of April.

Thank you so much

Dave + Elisa
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Hi Fred,
Saudações do Brasil (greetings from Brazil). My wife’s visa was approved in our interview in Rio on March 9. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help, Daisy and I are very happy.
Rick + Daisy
Fiancee from Brazil Brazil

We are writing to let you know that we received Eliza's Green Card yesterday...The agent that interviewed us two weeks ago mentioned that the complete file was very nicely done and had all the needed information to make a quick decision.

Alan + Eliza
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

it all worked out within the time frame I hoped for so thanks for your great work!!

They didn't look at any recent evidence except some photos and the two short interviews she had made me think the USCIS petition had sufficient information and the interview was just a formality.

Paul + Rubelie

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Just a brief note of joy to inform you that on Thursday 2/09 Tao had a very brief and pleasant interview and received her Visa in Guangzhou. Other than the required forms, the VO did not ask to see any additional photos or relationship material. I'm sure our extensive and well prepared I-129 documents proved to be a very convincing case. Thank You for that expertise. We will be returning to the U.S. on 02/24. When I get back we will be planning a small wedding in Florida with my family there. I will review the change of status and Green Card material on our private page and I'll contact you

Barry + Tao
Fiancee from China China

HI Fred
the interview went very well, he was nice and gave us the Visa's with almost no questioning. This was because of your great package and advice. 

Paul + Oksana

Fiance from Ukraine Ukraine

I was planning to send you an email last night to inform you that our visa application was approved by USCIS.  But, I was very surprised to see that you already knew and had put new information and documents on our webpage.  Thank you!

Theodore + Yue
Fiancee from China China

Hi Fred,  Wanted to let you know that Thuy had a 12:30 monday appointment.  She got in at 4:30pm and was approved.  Thanks for your help.

Roger + Thuy
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

Thank you as always for your fast and reliable help we are getting very close and what seemed like an impossible task when we first met is getting more real by the day and we are both very thankful as you have been so instrumental in the realization of our dreams. You have certainly created wonderful work for yourself.

Hello Mr Wahl,
I have just spoken with Rell, she has been granted a Visa and should have it in around 2 weeks. I now only have to buy her a plane ticket and we will be together, we are both very excited and thankful. You really have made a good career for yourself, we would have never found each other nor been able to get through all this paperwork without
your help. We are both so hopeful about our future, thank you so much for all you have done from the begining until now, I think we will have you help us with the adjustment of status to make sure we finish everything properly, I have a piece of paperwork to mail you, a copy of  our acceptence letter I will get it in the mail tomorrow. Once again thank you so much for helping us to meet and for bringing us to the stage that we will be able to marry and make a life together, you have done everything you promised to do, that is hard to find, thank you for your honesty and hard work. 

Don + Rell

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

More Testimonials 
Most Recent |  13  | 12  | 11  | 10  | 9  | 8  | 7  | 6  | 5  | 4  | 3  | 2  | 1  | Oldest

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