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well Fred you did everything you said and more

Mark + Marivic

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Dear Fred,
I received your package yesterday. Thank you!!! The presentation of the Petition is very nice! Excellent! As of today, I signed all indicated signature lines, and the Petition has now been mailed to the USCIS. It should be there on Monday, according to the USPS. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Eric + Rosheena
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Dear Fred, 
It has been awhile since we have communicated, but just wanted to let you know that Merdalyn and I are doing great and are very happy together!  Thank you for all of your help in our finding each other and helping us to be able to be forever together.  We found out a few weeks ago that Merdalyn is pregnant and to make things even more exciting we found out 2 weeks ago she is pregnant with TWINS!  Thank you, Lord!  We are so excited about our future!  Thank you Fred for all your help.  Some day maybe we can meet you.  I just wanted you to know how we are, thanks again and God bless you and yours!  (I-129F Petition)

Finally i got my green card, thank you so much for your help. hopeng you have a good day............ thanks a lot..... (Adjustment of Status, Green Card)

Richard + Merdalyn

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

I want to thank you for your expertise dealing with visas because with your help we have been approved for the fiancee visa!!!!!!

Amando + Katty

Fiance from Colombia Colombia

Hello, this is Claudia. You recently sent me a package for my husband and I wanted to Thank you because his Visa got approved and he is coming soon.  Thank you again. It was good news this week.

Claudia + Sheldon

Fiance from India India

hello Mr. Wahl:
the package just arrived.   it is very professionally done and I sincerely want to thank you for your work.  for our first petition we were not even close to supplying this much information.  i will sign everything, include my visa photos, pay the $340 fee and mail it in.  i will keep you informed when i receive  something from uscis.
very truly yours,
 Ray +Amelia
Fiancee from China China

Judy and I want to thank you for helping us through our paperwork for her visa. Our interview was great. Well we were there for about 6 hours waiting but the actual interview was really short with only a few questions and we had the visa. Perhaps it’s because we were really cool and not nervous like you recommended and also we didn’t have anything to hide. Thanks to God and to you, our headache is over. Judy is coming in NY on November 20th. We are so excited about it. I will email you as soon as she gets here for the next step. It would be a pleasure for us to give testimonials on your website, if you ever want it just let us know.

Richard + Judy

Fiance from Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

Thanks Fred. I will mail the petition out tomorrow. Great job with the petition. I could of never put together such a compelling and complete packet. I appreciate your help.  
(I-130 Spousal Visa: 2009)

We are happy to announce that Aizhen's Visa was approved and we are very grateful to you for your valuable assistance. We are in a hotel in Guangzhou awaiting the time to pick up the Visa. The interview was quick because the application was complete. After fingerprints and swearing in, she met with the Interviewing Officer. The interviewing process was about 10 minutes long, thanks to the complete application you provided. We will be forever grateful for your assistance and will tell everyone about your service. In fact, Aizhen's Son is strongly considering immigration in the near future and we would like you to handle the process.  Thank's again!  (CR-1 Spousal Visa: 2009)

Fred, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and yours!
Aizhen and I are doing very well since her arrival here three weeks ago. Thank you again for making this possible. We would like to enlist your help in completing the process for Aizhen's Son to immigrate to the U.S. We understand it may take several years, because of his age (He is 24).  Thank you for your assistance. (IV-1 Relative: 2010)

Fred,  We received the petition you have prepared for us last night and I have reviewed all documents. I made no corrections or changes and am very impressed with you care and concern for accuracy and attention to details. We are very proud of this petition and feel strongly that it clearly displays our true relationship. Thank you so much for your professional service and be sure we will tell everyone of your accurate and effective work. (Conditions on Residence Removed I-751: 2011)
 Tommy + Aizhen
Fiance from China China

Hello, this is Jeanpierre, my fiancee Muhindo received her visa.  Everything went smoothly. In about a month she will be traveling to the states. And I also want to thank you for all your help. Your feedback and past experiences is appreciated.

Jeanpierre +
Fiance from Uganda Uganda

Dr. Fred thank you soo much i will travel to USA soon with Jeff. this month...and hope you will continue to help us for my adjustment status after our marriage. Your such a blessings for us and i know a lot been happy for all your services and success for all their papers too by your help. God bless you and how we wish you can in our wedding in Florida.

Jeff + Josephine

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Hello sir , my girlfriend passed her interview yesterday,    Thank you ,  

Ken + Jonalyn
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

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