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Emily, Jay and Ayet all passed their interviews on Thursday and they were granted their K1, K2 visas. And so I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance over the past many months. 

Thank you again and keep up the good work on your excellent website. I tried to respect your time in not inundating you with phone calls and emails and all worked out well in the end.

John + Emily
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Hi Fred, great news! Meseret was grated her K-1 visa at her interview today. She said it was very short and easy. They didn't even ask for any financial evidence or ask many questions. We are so relieved and are planning her trip to the states. Thank you for everything.

Glenn + Meseret

Fiance from Ethiopia Ethiopia

My fiancee got her VISA last week and I have already bought her plane ticket for September 29th. It looks like it took just under 6 months from the time I purchased your services until she will arrive. Thank you for all of your help and everything went without a hitch.
I just purchased you "Change-of-Status" E-book and I think I will have no problems with the paperwork, but I may call you in the future to touch base and let you know how we are proceeding.
Thank You,
Another Satisfied Customer,
Phillip + Jocelyn
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Mr. Wahl, Hope you are well.  Oyukhai went in for her visa interview and we were approved for the visa.  She will pick up her passport with the visa stamp on April 9th.  We thank you for your help.  Also Oyukhai wanted to tell you personally how impressed she was with how you have helped us.  I will be in contact with you in the near future for the adjustment of status after we are married.  
Bret + Oyukhai
Fiance from Mongolia Mongolia

Hello Fred,  I got approved by the US Consulate and am leaving this thursday for US. YEAHHHH I'm very nervous but so happy! Thank you again for your help!! We might need a little help again later for the adjustment of status but we'll let you know after the wedding which is October 30th.
Thanks again!
Charlotte + Derek
Fiance from Belguim Belgium

Hello Fred,   THANK YOU AS ALWAYS !!!
The paperwork that you finalized (less my signature) was much appreciated.  It feels very comforting to have your guidance, support and help as we move forward.  Cristina was relieved to know that there is less pressure than she was feeling. It would again be much appreciated if you are able to handle her forms as you did mine and then return by email for her signature.
Chet + Cristina

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Hi Fred-  I just want to thank you for your wonderful assistance. I really appreciate it.
Thanks again,
Paul +  Mekonnen
Fiance from Ethiopia Ethiopia

Hi Mr. Wahl,
Yes Akiko did arrive in US on Dec 6th, and we were married on Dec 9th.  Our baby girl was born on Jan 14th, and she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.   I downloaded your e-book for green card adjusment of status.  We have filed and are awaiting our biometrics interview time.  Everything is going well and is on schedule.  I thank you again for your expertiese.
Chet + Akiko
Fiance from Japan Japan

Fred,  I just returned from Guanqzhou and my wife and step daughter were granted their visas on March 14th.  Thanks to your help and assitance we built and submitted a compelling case that was next to impossible to turn down. There would have been no logical reason to do so.  I think this is something to remember and pass on to your future clients.
Thank you,
Steve +  Songlin

Fiance from China China

Nhanh had her final interview Nov 4 and finally got her VISA to come to the US. Nhanh and My self would like to thank you for your guidence and Ideas to help make this dream possible.she will be coming to the US Dec 10 just in time for Christmas. I was very nervous about this appointment because we turned in every piece of evidnce we had and still were little scared she wasn't going to be approved. Mr Wahl again we are probably going to need your guidence for the Next step which I don't really know what that is.

Thank you again  P.s. yes Embassy In Vietnam was very difficult to navigate through. Hope to talk soon

Dale + Nhanh

Fiancee from Vietnam Vietnam

Thanks a lot Fred, really appreciate this. You can expect 2-3 more guys needing your service as I'll be referring them for sure.

Zalak + Aakrutii

Fiance from India India

Just a note to inform you that Glenda received her Visa yesterday after having her interview last Friday, August 12. We decided to keep the interview date and were lucky the Hong Kong Police Certificate made it in time.  We just purchased flight tickets to travel to the USA on September 9. Tomorrow we will travel to Manila and take a bus 8 hours north to be with her family.  We will contact you about working on the Green Card. Thank you for all of your help with our having success with the Visa process.

Leon + Glenda

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Greetings Fred !!, Just thought I would drop you a quick line to tell you that we were approved !!!  Even though the gentleman that interviewed A Muoi asked her probably 50+ questions, she did very very well. Just to give you a heads up...  they are now allowing the petitioner to accompany their fiancee's into the consulate now. They have only just recently changed their policy on this. All I had to do was show my passport and presto !!  I was in. A Muoi will pick up her visa on the 28th. She is packing and preparing for her trip on April 15th. That was the soonest I could get her a ticket for the US.  I will be returning to the US on the 30th and I will give you a call with more details then ok.

PS. A Muoi and I want to thank you soo very much for your hard work on the petition and all of the great advice that you gave us through this process !!! 

Eric + A Muoi

Fiancee from Vietnam Vietnam

thank you Fred for being extra patient with me,   I want to send you $50.00 for all this extra time and for your services given.
Thank you, 
Mel + Weixing

Fiancee from China China

More Testimonials 
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