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I just wanted to tell you that everything went great with the interview. My fiancee told me that after the interview was over the consular officer told her that they will approve the visa! She will get it in the mail in a week or two. Thank you sooo much for everything you have done for us! We are both really thankful and we really appreciate everything. I am going back there the end of July and we will spend 1 week there and come back here the first week of august. We are planning our wedding for september!
When she gets here we will order your service for the adjustment of status. Thank you again for all you have done!
Seth + Irish

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Hi Fred,  I just want to let you know Joan passed her interview yesterday, they change the medcal exam process. Now they let you keep your passport and you have to take it to the Interview. But everything else was the same.
Thank you for everything
Frederick + Joan

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Thank you for your service. The final product looks very good.

Paul + Rubelie
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Hi' Fred, here is the email from immigration in Rio de Janeiro,it looks like we are almost there.Thank you for your help, talk to you soon.

Anthony + Luciana

Fiance from Brazil Brazil

First of all, thank you for contacting the consulate in Warsaw to confirm that permission from the childs father is not needed. That's actually a very good news as that would be a piece of document hardest to obtain. 

Thank you,
Adam + Joanna

Fiance from Poland Poland

Hi Fred,  We went to Phoenix yesterday for the interview and GOOD NEWS I was approved. Thank you for your great help. Everything went perfect. My Green card will be released in 2 to 4 weeks.
Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you so much. We will keep you in mind if anybody needs help like we did. Thanks again.
Charlie + Jenny

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

looks like things are back on track...thanks fred. I asked what the hold up was..and she could not answer. typical. anyway....thought you would like to know. we are extremely happy, and really cant wait to be together.

Jonathan + Maysien

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

I just got back from the US embassy in Bratislava. They gave me visa 3 hours ago. I'm flying to SF in about 3 weeks. Thank you very much for your help. We'll write you again when I get there.

Robert + Petra

Fiance from Slovakia Slovakia

Thanks for you time and professionalism!

Ian + Caiqing

Fiance from China China

Dear fred, thank you for your advice, Chona was able to take the class
for me to reach this nearly impossible goal, anyway thanks for all your help, never had made it this far without you. (Fiancee Visa Support)

Thank you for doing such a good job, and doing it so quickly,
(Adjustment of Status Support)

Jimmy +Chona
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Hello Fred,  Well, we had an interesting series of events last week. Phuong went to the US Consulate on Wednesday, November 23rd to turn in the blue slip and evidence. They instructed her to sit in the lobby and after 5 hours they returned with the pink slip. She paid to have the visa mailed to her office and they said we should receive the visa in as little as 3 days or up to 2 weeks. So rather than biting my nails during my trip to Vietnam we have an approved Visa and it looks very favorably that she will return with me on December 31st.

I wanted to thank you for all of your help in making this process and painless as possible. When we get to the US and begin to work on the green card application we will discuss using your services again. 

Happy holidays and thanks again for helping to bring us together.

Joe + Ly My

Fiancee from Vietnam Vietnam

We know that our situation is different from other and it has many difficulty. We have received the document and we will send it out today. we hope it will all goes well, we want to thank you for all your help without all your help all this would not be possible. In the future when we head down to San Diego we hope we could thank you personally, again thank you for all your help.

Sincerely Yours,
Kritsana + Naesinee
Fiance from Thailand Thailand

hello my dear friend.- how you doing ..well i been be busy for the past days and i like to say to you thank you so much because you help me out with my aplication to bring my fiancee here ..we got it...she is here.then we going to get marry according to  have her AOS...anything else i let you know...once again thank you...

best regard
Luis + Flora

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Mahalo for all your hard work. I cant wait to see the packet! And hope to send it this Friday. It would really be a blessing if Jenni and I could spend Christmas together. I will always reccomend you to anyone who asks.


Matthew + Jenni

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Thank you Mr. Wahl for such great service.

Gavin + Joevic

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

I want to thank you for the excellent work you put into helping us get the K1 visa. My fiancee got her visa and will be traveling here on August 7. You have provided us the best of support and we both want to express our gratitude for a job well done.

Linville + Jovelyn

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Fortunately her examiner was very nice. He said that paperwork/package was prepared very well and I thank you Fred, for your services. I don’t think he even looked at any of the evidences we prepared. Let’s keep in touch. I’d like to prepare the process for change of status as Vikie is planning on moving to NY in 2 weeks and we plan to wed before the holidays.

Eric + Vickie
Fiance from Canada Canada

Fred, First and foremost, I can't thank you enough for all of your help. The petition is signed, ready to go, and will be in the mail today

Erica + Kieran

Fiance from United Kingdom United Kingdom

You have been so helpful. When we get back in a few years and need help with the greencard, we will definitely ask for your help.
Thanks again,
Natalie + Rober
Fiance from Nigeria Nigeria

Fred Wahi, How are you?  Thank you for your help finally the file has been approved. I am attaching copy of the document they have send me let me know what to do next... again thank you for your help.

Charul + Priya

Fiancee from India India

Olga passed her interview at the embassy, and has reiceved her visa in the mail . Plane ticket is bought and she will arive in usa oct 23rd.. We can finaly live as man and wife...  Thank you so much for evrything...
Adam + Olga
Fiance from Russia Russia

I want to thank you for all your help... I'd love to provide a customer testimony for you if you do that.   

Nick + Iuliia

Fiance from Ukraine Ukraine

Hello Fred.   The interview went very well and I highly advised any petitioner to accompany their fiancée to the interview.  My presence made a big difference and they only asked us simple questions such as how we met and where I work.  Of course, the
organized materials I submitted to them (thanks to you) was a tremendous help.  I'm actually flying out at the end of the week to accompany her here, but we have to take a mandatory CFO course in order for her to be allowed to leave the country.  I can't express enough my gratitude to you for the wonderful service you have provided us.

Extremely organized and easy to follow directions

Arjay + Jusil
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Thanks for all of your help.

Chad + Manuela
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Everything worked out great.  We made it, and it all started with you.  We thank you very much for your help.

Richard + Osheia
Fiance from Jamaica Jamaica

Rose arrived safely in the country 3 weeks ago and has already settled in quite well. She doesn't appear to be homesick or suffering from culture shock. Her interview at the embassy went very smoothly but it took a few extra days for them to deliver her VISA. She was so well prepared for the interview and the consulate only asked her 2-3 questions at the most and looked at one photo. That is likely because the visa application was so detailed and well put together. Thank you.

Our wedding is planned for July 16 Thank you again for your hard work on our original application.

Greg + Rose
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Thank you for reviewing our petition promptly and gave us such positive and helpful feedback. Cam and I really fortunate to come across your site. I am really impressed with your personal touch. I didn't expect you called Cam and walked him through the process. It really calmed us down.

Thank again for your help. Cheers,

Monique + Cam

Fiance from Indonesia Indonesia

Hello Fred,  Tuk will arrive tomorrow! I may need help with the green card process, not sure yet. Thank you for all your help. I was very impressed with your service.

David + Tuk

Fiance from Thailand Thailand

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