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Mr. Fred thank you for all your help.

From the time Marry Flor and I contacted you the process of K-1 visa to getting her here to the US and getting married until the 2-years green card has been phenomenal.

Your experience and expertise is greatly appreciated. We're looking forward to the next step.
Keith and Marry Flor Fiancee + Green Card from Philippines

Keith and Marry Flor (Fiance Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

VisaCoach has been very helpful with Melody's Fiancee visa.

He was always available whenever we had questions. Even with the current administration all the preparation made the process go as smoothly as possible.

The package he prepared made the interview short and simple for Melody. Only basic questions then Welcome to the USA.

We are very pleased with everything and will be using VisaCoach for Melody's Adjustment of Status as we got married in May.

Thanks for everything.
Scott and Melody Fiancee from Brazil

Scott and Melody (Fiancee Visa)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

We both wanted to thank you again for all your help with the application and the process.

Daniel had not seen the finished application until his interview at the Consulate. The Agent had it in front of her and he could not believe how big it was.

That was when he realized for the first time that your system of "Front End Loading" really works.

Even though we had spent hours putting together all of the documentation that was requested by the Consulate to bring on the day of his interview - they asked for none of it. That really goes to show that they already had all of the info that they could have possibly wanted in our application and the rest was a done deal.

We are looking forward to working with you on the Adjustment of Status as now we would not trust it to anyone else!

Thanks again!
Michael and Daniel Fiancee + Green Card from Brazil

Michael and Daniel (Fiance Visa + Pending Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Brazil

I want to thank you for helping us during this process.

In the beginning, I was very nervous and overwhelmed for all the info and documents that was needed. It was only from you and your process that made this a smooth, less stressful success.

When my wife and I went to the interview we were prepared to give all the documents only to be surprised that the officer only needed our ids, and asked the formal questions from the petition (name, address, birth, spy questions etc.) and a few pics. after which, he said he had made his decision and told us we was free to leave and his answer will be in the mail.

I then asked if he needed to see any of the info or documents that we brought. He then said no. And I believe it was because of the petition you've prepared for us.

They already had all the info they needed.

I didn't have to show paystubs, tax receipts, evidence of continued relationship like joint accounts or anything only the full lease.

We are so happy we saw you on youtube it is because of your service that my wife is here with me, thank you and Joyce so much and we will definitely call you when the next step.

God bless!
Edgar + Gladys Fiancee + Green Card from Ghana

Edgar and Gladys (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Ghana

We are beyond the happiest people on this world to see we are approved!!! And we can't thank you enough for all your service and how much you helped us so very much!!


Thanks once again now we are just waiting for embassy to email him to pick up the visa! now next thing as soon he gets his visa he will fly out the following week

Thanks again FRED !!

From Sylvia and Houssem (Fiancee Visa)

Fiance Visa; Tunisia

We are grateful to have found you Mr. Fred. Your work and guidance has finally proven once again, thank you very much sir.

It's been a long way for us to get to this point but we made it threw you are the best.

We finally got are approval notice, welcoming my beautiful wife to the United States. It's a great feeling after so much waiting and frustrating time going sow slowly and changing laws and procedures USCIS is doing, we didn't know what can change.

We are so happy and excited to finally be on this so long awaited step.
Salvadore + Dulce Fiancee + Green Card from Mexico

Salvadore + Dulce (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Mexico

My husband and I are so glad that we chose VisaCoach to guide us through the immigration hurdles in our relationship.

With their help, we applied and received first our K1 fiance visa and then later my husband's Conditional Green Card via adjustment of status (after our marriage in Texas).

Both experiences were positive and we passed through the steps quickly because of their expert direction. VisaCoach and his office staff have been very supportive during every step of our journey, always available via email and phone. Everything was always clearly organized on our personal webpage, with detailed instructions and examples, and we always knew exactly what to do next and how to do it.

For us, both the in-person interviews were very easy and comfortable experiences because our application documents/evidences were prepared so thoroughly beforehand.

Because our experience has been so exceptional, we have decided to hire VisaCoach's services again when we proceed forward with our application for the Permanent Green Card in the future. For now, we are so happy to finally be finished with waiting and with papers! We're very excited just to have our life together and we couldn't be happier! Thank you VisaCoach!
Elizabeth and Cristiam Fiancee + Green Card from Ecuador

Elizabeth + Cristiam (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Ecuador

The process of petitioning your fiancee is very complicated and confusing so I went to Fred for help. After watching Fred's videos and reading Fred's guide the task became so much easier.

Fred guided me every step of the way and was easy to contact to answer any questions I have, and I mean Any questions. His staff is always very ready and willing to help. It was always a pleasure talking to them.

After filing, Fred guided me every step of the way to make everything as smooth as possible. He told me what to expect and it was spot on! Our interview was a breeze and hassle free.

I will be using Fred's service again for the next step in our journey and I recommend Fred to anybody needing help.

Thanks always!
Rommel + Carla Fiancee from Philippines

Rommel + Carla (Fiancee Visa)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Our experience with the 'Visacoach' was good from the beginning. Fred and Joyce are friendly, helpful and always made themselves available whenever we had questions.

The package we submitted with our K-1 visa petition was impressive. Accurate and well organized, we were confident that all was in order as we settled for the long and (less stressful) wait..

We received our approval in 6 1/2 months.

Thank you Visacoach!!

Kind regards,
Bob + Yasar Fiancee Visa from Turkey

Grady + Nat (Fiancee Visa)

Fiance Visa; Thailand

The entire process of obtaining a fiancee visa, a 2-year conditional resident card and a 10-year resident card are all slow, laborious, expensive, emotional steps in getting your loved one to the U.S. to stay. But, the services that VisaCoach, Fred Wahl, provides have made this process about as easy as it could possibly be.

By following each carefully defined step that Mr. Wahl recommends, much of the worry and frustration of this process can be minimized. And the time it takes to navigate the entire process is also minimized. Steps that my fiancee (and now spouse) and I believed she would have to perform were often determined to not be required because we provided a complete, up-front package of every detail that the immigration service needed to be able to make a decision on our case.

Mr. Wahl and his team always communicate in detail what an applicant needs to know and do throughout this entire process. The communications are clear and response times for any questions are prompt and courteous.

My wife and I have now been happily married for 3 1/2 years. She will begin to study for her U.S. citizenship next month. As always, we will rely on VisaCoach to guide us through any remaining steps.

If you and your loved one are considering beginning the process of legal immigration and ultimate marriage, I highly recommend the services of VisaCoach. We have been delighted with his help and the results we have achieved!
Bob + Yasar Fiancee, Conditional Green Card, Permanent Green Card from Turkey

Bob + Yasar (Fiancee, Conditional Green Card, Permanent Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Turkey

We hired the Visa Coach early on to help us with a K1 visa. He did everything he said he would do, timely responses and coached us every step of the way.

Even though the process is long and difficult and some things out of our hands, there is no way we could have done it without his help.

Fiance is now wife and we even have a baby! Thanks Visa Coach!
David + Dalia Fiancee Visa from Mexico

David + Dalia (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee Visa; Egypt

Mr Wahl was extremely attentive the entire step of the K1-Visa process. He was extremely fast in responding and always gave solid advice.

The process was quite long, but he was able to correctly manage time expectations, and everything worked according to plan. Every step of the way our material was approved, and in the end, what was a stressful situation now seems easy due to his expert help.

I will definitely be using Mr. Wahl for the upcoming steps of obtaining a green card for my wife.

Thank you, Mr. Wahl!

Kind regards,
Micah + Itzel Fiancee Visa from Mexico

Micah + Itzel (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee Visa; Mexico

Fred Wahl's support throughout the past 3 years has been incredibly helpful, easy, and smooth.

I tried to start the visa process by myself to bring my husband Sujan from Nepal to the USA so that we could live together and start our life as a married couple, but the process was daunting and stressful. I found Fred online, and I was so grateful I could put my trust into someone who has helped so many people. I was filled with new hope instead of anxiousness about being able to be together with my husband, and spend our life together.

Fred was always there, and continues to be there for any questions or concerns I had along the entire process from start to finish, both by phone and by e-mail. His wife is also incredibly kind and supportive as well. Fred is very responsible, organized, and diligent with all the processes and steps of the visa process.

I am extremely grateful for the service that he provides so that me and my husband can now live happily and stress free together in the United States- my husband was approved today for a permanent resident Green Card! It was a long journey, but I felt supported along every step with Fred's help.

We couldn't have done this without him! I couldn't recommend Fred Wahl's services more- you can definitely trust and put your utmost faith in his work to re-unite you and your loved one. Thank you so much to Fred and his lovely wife!

We are so blessed to have found you. What a relief!!!
Bianca + Michael CR1 Spouse Visa + Permanent Green Card from Nepal

Natalie + Sujan (CR1 Spouse Visa + Permanent Green Card)

CR1 Spouse Visa + Permanent Green Card; Nepal

Hi Fred and Joyce!

Thank you for staying on top of this!

It went fantastic, and we got the approval. Nat told me that the interviewer only asked her three questions, and issued the approval in a total of about 10 minutes!

I imagine the ease of the interview was because of all the front-loading and preparedness beforehand. Thank you again for all your help. Looking forward to flying her out and beginning the next step of the process. Will keep you posted!

Grady + Natachaya (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee Visa; Thailand

We want to say a huge thank you to Fred for everything he has done for us. He has been a huge help. We applied for the k1 Fiance visa back in August 2018 and was approved on the 11th March 2019. The process only took 7 months! We were expecting it too be a lot longer, especially with how strict the US immigration process has become.

We chose the Visa coach because we wanted a personal one on one relationship when going through the process. Fred was always there when we contacted him. He made sure we had the correct documents and we do believe our approval time was quicker than usual because of him. The interviewer at the embassy was impressed with how prepared we were and my interview was no longer than 5 minutes.

Overall, we definitely recommend the Visa Coach especially with how strict US immigration is now. Missing any documents could cause complete disaster to your application. Not worth the risk.

We are looking forward to working with Fred on the Green Card Process.

Again, thank you for everything.
Bianca + Michael Fiancee from United Kingdom

Bianca + Michael (Fiance Visa)

Fiance Visa; United Kingdom

My fiance and I followed everything that Fred told us to do. It made the immigration process go very smooth. There were no problems along the way and she arrived in a very short time. With Fred there will be no mistakes or delays.
Justin + Kristina Fiancee from Philippines

Justin + Kristina (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiancee Visa + Green Card; Philippines

Fred made the daunting K1 visa process simple and stress free.

He provided prompt answers to all of our questions which we had no shortage of. He provided easy to follow instructions for every step of the process and made sure we had everything we needed when it came time for Erika's interview.

We were very confident that Erika's application would be accepted because of Fred's thorough front loaded approach, in fact, the consulate officer said we had more than enough information and it made her job much easier.

We are very thankful for all the help Fred has provided us and will definitely be recommending him to our friends.


Joey + Erika (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee from Italy); Italy

Hello Fred!

I just want to say again that we are so thankful for your help!

I was blown away when I got the final package of the petition we would submit to USCIS. It was organized so professionally and put together way better than I would have done on my own. It inspired the way I organized all the paperwork I sent to my fiance for his interview.

His interview was only 10 minutes and they only asked him four questions.

All the Checklists Fred provided us kept us so organized and was vital for gathering everything we needed.

Thank you for replying to every email I sent, answering all our questions, even when we asked them more than once because we were so anxious. We could not have done this without you!
Samantha + Emery Fiancee from United Kingdom

Samantha + Emery (Fiance Visa)

Fiance Visa; United Kingdom

Hello Fred and Joyce.

Cynthia and I wanted to thank you both so much for everything. Because of VisaCoach Cynthia And I are living happily together in the States. You both have been there for us by answering our phone calls, returning our messages,and helping us with any questions we needed to ask.

We have recommended you and your lovely wife to other people, and wouldn't recommend anyone elsewhere but to VisaCoach.To everyone,and all the couple's around the world to you have already helped. I hope they are as happy as we are today.

Thank you Fred and Joyce from the bottom of our hearts. I hope one day we can meet to thank you in person, or to return the favor.
Kent + Cynthia Fiancee from Brazil

Kent + Cynthia (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee from Philippines); Philippines

Miriam and I started out process in April of 2018. Miriam will be here February 13th we will be married February 14th, 2019

Our application with Fred required two waivers. Fred and his staff did a professional job putting together our application.

Fred was always able to talk when I called and answer all my questions professionally.

Thank you Fred and everybody involved for all your hard work.
Danny + Miriam Fiancee from Brazil

Danny + Miriam (Fiance Visa)

Fiance Visa; Brazil

I write by way of an update to my visa interview which I attended on 17 January 2019 at 09:30am.

The interview went well and it appears that your 'front-loaded' designed application was well received by the embassy officials.

I say this as, apart from requesting particular documents, I was asked few questions. Thanks to the FAQs you suggested Traycie and I acquaint ourselves with, I was able to answer any questions comfortably.

I am pleased to confirm that today I received my passport enclosing the K1 visa together with a US immigration packet. Regardless of the outcome, Traycie and I wish to thank-you (and your wife?) for your professional, prompt and excellent service. Needless to say, we are delighted with the successful result.

Traycie + Joel (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee from UK; United Kingdom

To Visa Coach Fred Wahl and his staff,

Marife and I want to thank you for making our dream come true to be together as husband and wife here in the USA. In April of 2017 my fiance sent me a video from You Tube about Fred Wahl-Visa Coach.

I viewed his presentation and immediately called Mr. Wahl. He sent us the instructions on how to get started on the K-1 visa. He said it would seem difficult in the beginning but would get easier as we went along. He was right. Fred and his staff was there for us during this process for all our questions and situations that came up and smoothed them out in no time.

From late August, 2017 when USCIS received our excellently prepared front loaded petition till July 3rd. 2018 when my fiance landed in the USA it took about 10 months. Well within the time frame that Fred told us it would take.

My fiance's interview at the US consulate in Manila was about 15 to 20 minutes long and approved because of Fred's well prepared front loaded petition. She was never even asked to open up her folder of evidences that she had with her.

We are now married and living our dream here in New Jersey and have begun our AOS petition with the help of the VisaCoach and his staff.

We strongly recommend using VisaCoach Fred Wahl's services to make your dreams come true like ours.

With regards to Fred and his staff,
Daniel + Marife from Philippines

Daniel + Marife (Fiance Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa + Green Card; Philippines

I do have to admit going into the consulate or the immigration services department was a little intimidating because the security was very stern. After we were searched just like we were going into a courthouse or airport I was relieved finally for my family to get in. I still had anxiety because waiting for my number to be called was a testament to how long I have been waiting for my wife and Chester.

But, at the same time in my head I had a feeling of security as well because Fred Wahl was and still has always been very helpful throughout the process. I think I annoyed him how many times I called him asking the same questions over and over again. But, he was always very professional and to the point.

When we got into our interview I was looking at the novel Fred put together for us lol, with the officer knowing she read every page she was very kind smiling and asking if she could ask some questions. She asked if we had government assistance like food stamps? She asked if Joyce ever has been arrested here or if she in the Philippines or Dubai? And some other questions I can't remember. She took fingerprints from them and it was overall a good experience because she had already felt like she knew us from our file that Fred had put together.

We are so grateful for Fred and Joyce being patient so patient it would not have taken as long as it has if I wasn't so pessimistic. But, now we will be going to Fred throughout the process.

Charles + Joyce from Philippines

Charles + Joyce (Fiance + Dependents Visas + Green Cards)

Fiance + Dependents Visas + Green Cards; Philippines

Hello Mr Wahl,

We got back from the embassy a few hours ago.

The interview went really well and the CO according to my wife kept saying how impressed he was with the way everything was put together.

He 'welcomed' her the United States and said she will be notified when her passport is ready for pick up.

Just as you had anticipated, he barely asked any questions since all the documentation was intact.

Thanks to your team for the great work.

Edmund + Catherine (Spouse from Ghana)

Fiancee from Ghana; Ghana


Melanie and I just want to thank you so much for your assistance in helping us.

Melanie and daughter just received their PERMANENT RESIDENCE APPROVAL.

I highly recommend your services. You have walked us through every step of the process and were quick to answer any of our answers or concerns. I look forward to the final of their US CITIZENSHIP. THANK YOU!!

Gary + Melanie from Philippines

Gary + Melanie (Fiance Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa + Green Card; Philippines

One of the most valuable decisions we made as a couple was to process our Fiance Visa application through VisaCoach.

Our experience was so great with Mr. Wahl. He is very organized, up-to-date with immigration information, available anytime for the question and always open to answer questions.

Our file was well put together by VisaCoach that our immigration officer barely bothered to ask us any questions.

I am so happy that we chose VisaCoach and now I am have my soul mate with me forever.

I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you Mr. Wahl and Joyce
Baljeet + Mandeep from India

Baljeet + Mandeep (Fiance Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa + Green Card; India

Richelle and I started the process with Fred Wahl/The Visa Coach in early 2017. From the time we filed to the time we landed in San Francisco Ca was a 9 month period.

With the instruction of Fred Wahl/The Visa coach and professionalism the process was as stress free as possible.

All instructions were given in as simple format easy to follow instructions where all the thinking was made simple.

Fred always followed up in a timely manner with any questions we may of had.

We highly recommend Fred Wahl/The Visa Coach to anyone who is interested in starting the process.
Rafael + Richelle from Philippines

Rafael + Richelle (Fiance Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa + Green Card; Philippines

Interview was about 10 minutes. The waiting was longer due to the amount of people waiting for interviews.

This process went alot quicker than the time limits that we were told which was due to all your help Fred
Maryana + Achref from Tunisia

Maryana + Achref (Spouse Visa)

Fiance Visa + Green Card; Tunisia

We are so happy that we stumbled upon Fred's YouTube and decided to use his services. There is no way we would have been able to do this on our own.

Fred made the whole process simple and straightforward. From our initial phone consultations where he would call us in the UK, to checking how our AOS interview went after moving to California, Fred and his wife were always ready and available to walk us through any questions or concerns we had.

Fred prepared us for each step and eased any anxieties prior to the in-person interviews. We went in confident and well prepared without a single hiccup.

Thank you so much Fred and Joyce!
Janelle + Mark Fiancee + Green Card from United Kingdom

Janelle + Mark (Fiancee + Green Card)

Fiance Visa + Green Card; United Kingdom

Dear Visa Coach,

We want to share our deepest happiness and shared our experiences during this event in our life. I am so pleased that my husband have chosen your service and as a result of your very organized, well detailed preparations and your very clear and precise step by step instructions in all our paper works which leads us to a successful immigrant visa approval!

We appreciate your all time support and quick turnaround in accommodating all our questions each time we have doubts and confusions. Thank you Mr. Fred Wahl & Joyce!

The final interview went very well because of your help with preparation beforehand. My interview with the Consul takes only 5 minutes. After looking through our prepared paperwork they asked me only, maybe 5 questions about our relationship that consisted mostly about my husbands family. I was pleasantly surprised that it went so fast and smoothly.

Again we are very thankful for your services, and looking forward for your assistance in Adjustment of Status (AOS) to permanent residency. The instructions and time frame was accurate, during the final process, now I'm here in the USA and enjoying a loving life with each other here in the great state of Wisconsin.

We are highly recommending Fred and Joyce services and again our heartfelt thanks for all your help. God bless you all.

Roger + Marah CR1 Visa from Philippines

Roger + Marah (CR1 Visa)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

We really thank you Fred Wahl, for hard work in preparing our package,the process was mostly stress free. And now we are happily married.

We would like to start the adjustment of status, and again we thank you.
Shawn + Mirriam Fiancee Visa and Green Card from Philippines

Shawn + Mirriam (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

My wife and I would like to thank Fred and Joyce for the knowledge and professionalism.

The Visa Coach knows exactly what he doing,he took my wife and I through the process,and prepared us thoroughly.

The Visa Coach was upfront and honest about what to expect, and any questions my wife and I had, he answered with no problem.

The adjustment of status was a bit of a wait but whenever there was an update in our status the Visa Coach would inform us immediately.

My wife and I are grateful for all of his hard work, we highly recommend his for handling your immigration needs,thank you.
James + Joy Fiancee Visa and Green Card from Philippines

James + Joy (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

We are very thankful that we found Fred Wahl and hired him to assist us with our K1 and AOS process.

His guidance and expertise made the process go smoothly and simply for Jarod and I. Most especially for me, his thorough assistance made filling out the paperwork so much easier. This helped me feel more confident about my Visa interview, knowing that I am going there ready and prepared.

He was also patient with the last minute changes that we did and the questions that we had.

Thanks to his efforts we were able to get through a very complex system with minimal difficulties and end up together.

Thank you Fred!
Jarod + Kristel Anne Fiancee Visa and Green Card from Philippines

Jarod + Kristel Anne (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

I saw VisaCoach while I was researching what I would need to do to bring my my now wife to the United States and was skeptical at first because I thought it could be a scam. But there was a phone number to give Mr. Wahl a call for a personal consultation so I did.

Let me just say deciding to work Fred and is wife Joyce was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

They were always there and ready to help by phone or email with the process and my million questions. I have poor signal, service and internet 3 weeks out of every month due to my job, and knowing that Fred was there helping with such a perfectly structured package and service helped my wife and I get through the months of waiting and paperwork with a peace of mind.

I would highly recommend VisaCoach's services and look forward to continuing working with them on the Green Card process and anything else that comes along during this journey.

Thank you Fred and Joyce for everything you've done for us so far. It is appreciated more then you know every day.

Daniel + Cynthia Fiancee Visa from Russia

Ammar + Yana (Fiancee Visa)

Fiance Visa; Russia

Danny and I are very grateful to Fred and Joyce. We are so happy we asked your help in our K1 and AOS process. You have awesome insight and your expertise to this process is a huge help. Fred and Joyce are extremely thorough and transparent. They walked us through everything and always available for any questions we had.

We are highly recommending Fred and Joyce services and again our heartfelt thanks for all your help.
Daniel + Cynthia Fiancee Visa and Green Card from Philippines

Daniel + Cynthia (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Dear Mr Fred,

I am happy that you are our visa coach during our process for Cr1 and to my daughter Cr2 (from Philippines).

You made everything easy for us because you guide us in every steps, and whenever we get confused we can always ask questions to you and your wife joyce.And you always reply and i am happy for that..

We couldnt have done this without you, that's why when some of my friends or somebody asked me how did we do our process I always recommend (Fred Wahl The Visa Coach)you because you did great and we are proud that you are our visa coach .

And finally for 5 years being on and of Long distance relationship we are now together.. Thank you so much for everything. God bless u!

Sincerely Yours,
Russel + Rhea CR1 and CR2 Visa from Philippines

Russel + Rhea (Spouse + Child Visa (CR1 and CR2) from Philippines)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Dear VisaCoach,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all the help you gave us in bringing my fiance here to America with me so we can marry very soon.

Even though she did not arrive here during the summer months like we had wished (due to technicalities with foreign embassies) you and your wife have helped my fiance and I to realize our dream of finally getting married and for that we are eternally grateful.

We could not have done it without you.

Please keep up the excellent job of helping couples to fulfill one of life's greatest blessings. Thanks again and God bless you all.

David + Florenda Fiancee Visa from Philippines

David + Florenda (Fiancee Visa)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Good Day Fred!

Awesome News. I received the "Permanent Resident Card" today. Danny and I are very grateful to Fred and Joyce. We are so happy we asked your help in our K1 and AOS process. You have awesome insight and your expertise to this process is a huge help. Fred and Joyce are extremely thorough and transparent. They walked us through everything and always available for any questions we had.

We are highly recommending Fred and Joyce services and again our heartfelt thanks for all your help.


Daniel + Cynthia (Fiancee and Green Card)

Fiancee from Philippines; Philippines

Hello from Brian and Oghenetega!

We would like to thank VisaCoach for a great customer service and also for doing a good job on assisting us in getting our fiancee visa. It is a great way to expedite your process because they will make sure that the documents are complete to avoid delays.

My visa got approved August 2018 and my visa was ready for Collection in 3 days, am currently in the State with my soon to be husband. The long wait is only for the NOA2 which took us about 7 months but after that, everything went smoothly and fast.

The interview didn't take up to 3 minutes with just few questions.

Again, I would like to give a huge thank you to VisaCoach team for helping us all throughout the process. God bless you all and Good luck to those who just started applying for their US Visas!
Brian + Oghenetega Fiancee Visa from Nigeria

Brian + Oghenetega (Fiancee Visa)

Fiance Visa; Nigeria

I decided to get my fiancee from Philippines and bring her in USA and live together here but i didn't have any idea how to do it.

I was looking for an agency that will handle our paperworks and upon reading the reviews VisaCoach got my trust!

I called and inquired and spoke with Fred. He is very helpful from the very beginning Fred told us that the wait could be 6-7 months and he is right, 7 months my fiancee got her visa on hand and we fly together.

I was very impressed on their work! During the interview the interviewer only asked 2 questions, it was very quick and easy! very EASY because of their front loaded petition.

We highly recommend VisaCoach! they really know what they are doing and answer your questions very quick. They will really help you step by step and make you understand how to do it ! Some want to save money and do it by themselves but they got RFE and the process got delayed or even worst they got denied.

I'm very thankful to the help of VisaCoach for helping me bring my fiancee here and now she's my wife! We are using VisaCoach in filling our AOS because we are very satisfied on there works.

Bradley + Maribel (Fiancee from Philippines)

Fiancee from Philippines; Philippines

Hi Fred, we just wanna say thank you for helping us without your helped maybe we can't do these. We really appreciated the best service that you had done to us. We're looking forward for our next move changing our conditional status. Have a good day!
Raymond + Florida Fiancee Visa + Conditional Green Card from Philippines

Raymond + Florida (Fiancee Visa + Conditional Green Card)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

I was lucky to find Fred wahl on search engine when i was overseas back in 2014, My wife made the call and we were impressed by the customer service... their fee was so cheap for the great work they do..they answered all our questions about K1 visa and what we suppose to send them...not just that they were really fast to send us back box with all our documents organized and highlighted all what we had to do just signed and write check for USCIS.

6-8 months later i was given the k1 visa to come to join my wife here in USA. After we got married i applied for green card and with the help of Fred Wahl few months later i was given 2 years green card without an interview....Fred wahl made really strong file for us and the same thing happend after the two years was up i applied for remove condition i797.....After 13 months i was given the permanent residency Without AN INTERVIEW for the second time even with Trump in the office.

Now I'm going to continue my Journey with Fred Wahl applying for the citizenship through naturalization.
Yaz + Julia Fiance visa and Green Card from Algeria

Yaz + Julia (Fiancee Visa, Green Card, Removal of Conditions, Citizenship)

Fiance Visa; Algeria

We have been working with Fred since we decided to apply for a Fiancee visa 2 years ago.

He helped us through the visa process, and my husband finally moved here in August 2017. When we knew we would be applying for his adjustment of status, EAD, and advance parole, there was no doubt in our minds that we would hire Fred again!

Fred helped us prepare the petitions and gather all related evidence that would help the case move along smoothly. We submitted our package to the USCIS on January 18th and we received the employment authorization and advance parole on July 5th. We attended the interview on July 24th, and he received his green card!

Having Fred help us prepare and track our case made it so easy and stress-free for us, and We will absolutely work with him again for any future immigration paperwork! Thank so much to Fred and Joyce at Visa Coach! We could never have done it so quickly, as easy and free of stress without you. Every step of the way your efforts and knowledge proved to invaluable in preparing us as we navigated through the sometimes overwhelming process.
Meara + Pierre Fiance visa and Green Card from Lebanon

Meara + Pierre (Fiance visa and Green Card from Lebanon)

Fiance Visa; Lebanon

Thank so much to Fred and Joyce at Visa Coach! We could never have done it so quickly, as easy and free of stress without you. Every step of the way your efforts and knowledge proved to invaluable in preparing us as we navigated through the sometimes overwhelming process.
Kevin + Lyam Fiance visa and Green Card from Philippines

Kevin + Lyam (Fiance visa and Green Card from Philippines)

Fiance Visa; Philippines


A word Kelly and I have often joked and laughed over the past year concerning different things which had finally came to past.

And we are both very thankful for the Visa Coach!

We can't thank him enough and are very thankful we found him and choose to ask for his help.

Although it took a bit longer than originally expected, due to Trump's tightening up immigration practices, we both have no doubt the Visa Coach is the reason we made it through the process smoothly.

Barry + Kelly Fiance from Philippines

Barry + Kelly (Fiancee from Philippines)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Thanks very much Fred and Joyce.

Thanks to your support Mardy is finally here with me. Yes, it took time and patience but all our work finally paid off. I couldn't imagine going through the process with your support and knowledge of all the legalities and insight of all the procedures.

The final interview went very well because of your help with preparation beforehand. The total interview lasted about 30 minutes. After looking through our prepared paperwork they asked Mardy only, maybe 5 or 6 questions about our relationship which consisted mostly about my family and previous marriage.

Mardy was pleasantly surprised that it went so fast and smoothly. She was expecting a long process of questioning which I'm sure it would have been without thorough preparation.

We were married on June 5th in the mountains of Penrose, NC and now in the process of enjoying being together while getting her settled in here in the U.S.

Thanks again for all your support!
Randy + Mardy Fiance from Philippines

Randy + Mardy (Fiancee from Philippines)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Fred and Joyce,

Cynthia and I can't thank you both enough for everything you have done for us.. There just ain't enough words to express our love and gratefulness for the both of you.

Not only do i speak for the two of us. But for everyone you have helped in the past,, as well as the ongoing case's you have in front of you.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts.. May God be with you,, and everyone you have helped to make there dreams come true.

Kent + Cynthia Fiance from Philippines

Kent + Cynthia Fiance from Philippines

Kent + Cynthia (Fiancee from Philippines)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Hi Fred,

I want to thank you for all that you have done. The process for Kannika's K1 Visa went very smoothly (Except for the waiting period the Application was at USICS) Once USICS approved the initial application the process definitely kicked into high gear and it only took 45 days for NVC and the Consulate in Bangkok to complete the process.

Throughout the process you were always available to discuss the questions that I had and the "Front Loaded" package definitely made it go without a hitch. I can not express my thanks for all your assistance and look forward working with you on the Adjustment of Status for Kannika.
William + Kannika Fiance from Thailand

William + Kannika (Fiancee from Thailand)

Fiance Visa; Thailand

Hi Fred,

It went wonderful. Marife's visa application was approved. Thanks to a great job by you putting together a great package and guiding us on what to write and helping us getting the right things to send you. And you were also right about us having great evidences because the total time she was with the visa counselor was about 15 minutes total and her visa was approved.

Thanks again Fred for all your help with this process. I know it's not over yet but with your help our getting together, getting married and all the stuff we need to do in the future, it will be a smooth process.

Thanks again Fred and I will keep in touch.

Yours truly,

Danny + Marife (Fiancee from Philippines)

Fiancee from Philippines; Philippines

If I'm being honest, when I first wanted to begin the process to bring my fiance over to the USA, I had no clue where to start from.

When I looked for information on the USCIS website, I felt frustrated because it was almost as if the process was written in another language that I didn't understand.

After doing some more research on YouTube, I luckily came across one of Mr. Wahl's videos. He quickly gained my trust after the very time that I spoke with him over the phone and it was right then in there that I knew that hiring his services would be the best decision.

I wasn't wrong. He put all his knowledge into my case and guided me with detail step by step throughout my K-1 Fiance Visa process. Every time I e-mailed them, Mr. Wahl as well as Joyce were always there to answer any of my doubts quickly, making USCIS' processing times the only thing I would have to stress about.

My fiance's embassy interview lasted a little less than 10 minutes with only a few very basic questions and I have no doubt that this was due to Mr. Wahl's excellently crafted front loaded petition.

I can't wait to start my life beside my lovely fiancee here in the USA and without a doubt I will be going back to Mr. Wahl for assistance on the Adjustment of Status process. In times where immigration laws are getting so strict, there is no way I would recommend anyone to go through such a process on their own. Do hire Mr. Wahl's services for a smooth process to approval.

Thanks a whole bunch to Joyce and Mr. Wahl!!!
Jesus + Khayra Fiance from Algeria

Jesus + Khayra (Fiancee from Algeria)

Fiance Visa Algeria

We knew as we embarked this journey it would be hard.

When we were referenced to Fred we took immediate action in processing Cristina's visa. He was very informative and thorough of what we needed to do, and what would help us have better success and rapidly process her visa. He prepared our petition so professionally and confidently, which gave us great comfort.

Like anything else in life, nothing great ever comes easy. This process is very taxing on the mind, on the financial demand, and sometimes the physical aspect. But with Fred's help we were able to feel relief and confidence. Cristina and I are very pleased that we chose such a knowledgeable man to direct us in our plea. Fred made the process so clear that there was hardly room for questions. He laid it all out , so to speak, on the table, that we had a wide view of what to expect.

Some insights we would like to share now would be to be patient. Make sure always to contact Fred via email if any questions arise or to simply check the page he has prepared for you frequently. Fred updates it often so check it often.

Fred has been very helpful, and obviously, successful. Take our advice, because of him, we had our visa accepted. Last of all, have hope. Be hopeful and positive in all aspects of this rigorous process. We simply cannot thank Fred enough and his services!

Thank you Fred for all you have done, and will do for us!

Donald + Cristina Fiance from Philippines

Donald + Cristina (Fiancee from Philippines)

Fiance Visa; Philippines

Engaging Mr. Wahl to assist us with our K1 and K2 visa was a great investment and experience. He is so diligent in everything and we had confidence that our visa package would be well received. Mr. Wahl operates a very efficient systems-based business. Each step of this significant process was made easy for us to follow because of Fred. He is amazingly quick to respond to every question and always provided answers with all the detail we needed.

I can't imagine how anybody is able to navigate the visa process without having an expert to rely on. Mr. Wahl is an expert at this process and understands all the details. He prepared us well in the process describing what to expect during each step. He provides a tremendous service and the investment in his fee is of great value.

I traveled 5 times in a year and a half to be with my fian