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If you have a question? You can probably find it by using the search box, or clicking on one of the links below. And of course any question you may have about our services or your eligibility for a visa, you can get answered by telephone and asking for your free consultation.

Fiance Visas
Fiancee Visa 101
Steps to Fiancee Visa
12 Support Steps Fiancee Visa
Bring Fiancee to USA
What is Fiancee Visa?
Fiancee Visa Eligibility
K1 Costs
K1 Timeline
Bring Lover to USA
Which is Better?
Choosing K1 or CR1
Full Personal K1 Support
K1 Petition Review
K2 Dependant Visa
I129F Fiance Petition
Eligibility for Visas
K1 Visa DIY eBook
Front Loaded Visa Petition
What to do if Visa is denied
Red Flags that cause Visa Denial
K1 Fiancee Visa Interview
K1 Fiancee Visa Interview Tips
K1 Fiancee Visa Interview Preparation
When to Begin K1 Application
K1 Fiancee Visa Medical Exam
Administrative Processing
Using K1 Visa when already married
USCIS Strict Enforcement of International Marriage Broker Act, IMBRA
How soon can Fiance/Spouse leave USA
Waiver to 2 year, in-person meeting rule
What happens after Visa Approval?
Sample Questions for K1 Fiance Visa Interview
K1 Fiance Visa Financial Eligibility Requirements
Social Media Vetting for Fiance and Spouse Visa Applicants
Top 13 K1 Fiance Visa Rules

Lesbian, Gay, Transgender,
Bisexual, LGBT

Visa for LGBT Fiance
Visa for LGBT Spouse

ASK Visa Coach: FAQ's
Visa Coach's Answers
Ask your Question

K1, How I Help You
How I Help
FULL,Personal Support
Front Loaded Fiance Visa Presentation
Front Loaded Spouse Visa Presentation
K1 Services + Fees
Immigration Success Method

K1 FAQ's
K1 FAQ Answers
Travel on K1: What happens on Arrival?
Joint Sponsor for K1 Visa
Can Fiancee visit USA while K1 in process?
Denied or on hold, Administrative Processing or Sent Back
Effects on K1 Visa after San Bernadino Terrorist Shooting
Filing K1 Visa Application during Fiance's Visit to USA

Do It Yourself
DIY K1 eBook
Petition Review
K1 Review Fees
Interview Preparation

Adjustment of Status
Adjustment of Status 101
Steps to Adjustment of Status 101
Steps by Step Adjustment of Status 101
Adjustment of Status
AOS Personal Support
Greencard Through Marriage
Greencard Problems

Green Card
What is GC?
Green card Marriage
Green card Problems
AOS, How I Help You
GC Services + Fees
FAQ Answers
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How to Apply for Green Card
Eligibility for Green Card
Advance Parole

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is my case taking so long?
What to do if Denied?
Reasons for Denial
CR1 Spousal Visa Timeline
CR1 Spousal Visa Costs
K1 Fiancee Visa Timeline
K1 Fiancee Visa Cost
Visitor Visa for your Fiancee
Joint Sponsor for Financial Eligibility
Problems Booking Interview: No Appointment Date Available

Brazil, How to
Portuguese Intro

Cambodia, How to
Canada, How to

China, How to
Consulate Problems
Chinese Intro

Colombia, How to
Spanish Intro

Cuba, How to
Spanish Intro

Dominican Republic
Dominican Rep, How to
Spanish Intro

Ethiopia, How to
Amharic Intro

Haiti, How to
India, How to

Indonesia, How to
Bahasa Intro

Iran, How to
Japan, How to
Jamaica, How to
Laos, How to

Mexico, How to
Spanish Intro

Nigeria, How to

Peru, How to
Spanish Intro

Philippines, How to
Tagalog Intro
Manila Interview
US Embassy Manila
St Luke's Medical Exam
St Luke's Medical Tips
Joint Sponsor for Philippines Fiance
How an American gets Married in Philippines

Russia, How to
Russian Intro

Thailand, How to
Thai Intro
In-country Thai Support
In-country Thai Support

Ukraine, How to
Ukrainian Intro

UK, How to

Vietnam, How to
Consulate Problems
Vietnamese Intro
Denied Vietnam
Vietnam Fiance Visas must meet higher standards

Do It Yourself
Petition Review

Financial Eligibility
Recent Tax Returns
Joint Sponsor for Fiance Visa
Adjustment of Status Financial Eligibility
Joint Sponsor for Philippines Fiance Visa<
Spouse Visa Financial Eligibility
What is a Financial Joint Sponsor

Common Immigration Mistakes
Two Year Rule
Face to Face Meeting
Marriage to prove Bona Fides
90 Day Fiance Visa

US Citizenship + Naturalization
Step by Step to Citizenship
How to Apply for US Citizenship

Help for Expats
Direct Consular filing support for Expat
Spouse Visa support for Expat
Fiance Visa support For Expat

Relative Visas for Parents, Siblings, Children
Child or Relative Services

Adjustment of Status from Non-immigrant Visa
Concurrent Filing I-130 + I-485

Spousal Visa CR1
Spousal Visa 101
12 Steps to Spouse Visa
Support Steps to Spouse Visa
What is Spousal Visa?
Spousal Visa Eligibility
Choosing K1 or CR1
Full Personal CR1 Support
CR1 Petition Review
CR1 Visa DIY eBook I130 Spouse Petition
Bring Spouse to USA
Bring Filipina Spouse to USA
What is Spouse Visa
Spouse Visa Financial Eligibility
CR-1 Spouse Visa
Fees for CR-1 Spouse Visa
Front Loading Spouse Visa Application
VisaCoach's Full Support for CR-1 Spouse Visa
VisaCoach's Full Support for previously denied CR-1 Spouse Visa

Fiance OR Spouse Visa?
Fiance OR Spouse Visa 101
Bringing Her to USA
K1 or CR1 Which is Better?
Why is Spouse Visa Slower?
Marriage on B-2 Visitor or other Non-Immigrant Visa

Denied !!
Unfair Consular Decision!!, what can you do?
Denial due to Adultery, Bad Moral Character
Red Flags that cause Denial
Denied, what next?
Learn from yr mistakes
221g, 221(g) Denials
Administrative Processing
SSI Ineligibility vs SSD
Reasons Why Fiance or Spouse Visas are denied
Is Your difficult case Winnable?
How to Prove Bona fide Relationship

CR1, How I Help You
How I Help
FULL, Personal Support
Front Loaded Petition
CR1 Services + Fees

FAQ Answers
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Do It Yourself
DIY CR1 eBook
Petition Review
CR1 Review Fees

Conditions On Residence
Conditions on Residence
COR Personal Support

Money Back Guarantee
Fred Wahl
Terms and Conditions
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Visa Coach Blog
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EXPRESS Turnaround
Personal Support
Petition Review
DIY ebooks
Call for Free Consultation
Call for Free Consultation
Special Requests Price List
One-To-One Personal Support
One-To-One Personal Support

How to Fill in i129F
How to Fill in i130
How to Fill in i134
How to Fill in i485
How to Fill in i751
How to Fill in G325a

Intl Calling w/ Detailed Log
Consular Procedures
Sample Interview Questions
Consulate Visa Interview Questions
19 Steps to Faster Visa Approval
USCIS Forms Front Loaded Petition
Bona Fide Relationship
Evidence Photos

What is it?
The Process
Sample Questions

Full Personal Support
Petition Review
DIY eBooks

Intro in her Language
How to apply for K1 Visa
Manila Interview
How to Apply for CR1 Visa
Choosing Photos
Petition Review
Bona Fide Relationship
Consulate Interview
Personal K1 Support
Personal CR1 Support

Foreign Language Resources
Amharic - Ethiopian
Amharic Text
Bahasa - Indonesian
Chinese Text
Portuguese - Brazil
Portuguese Text
Russian Cyrillic Text
Spanish Text
Colombian Spanish
Dominican Spanish
Mexican Spanish
Thai Text
Ukrainian Cyrillic Text

Consulate Procedures
When to Schedule the medical
US Consulate Rio Brazil
US Consulate Phnom Penh Cambodia
US Consulate Montreal Canada
US Consulate Vancouver Canada
US Consulate Guangzhou China
US Consulate Bogota Colombia
US Consulate Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
US Consulate Guayaquil Equador
US Consulate Addis Ababa Ethiopia
US Consulate Hong Kong
US Consulate Delhi India
US Consulate Mumbai India
US Consulate Jakarta Indonesia
US Consulate Kingston Jamaica
US Embassy Tokyo Japan
US Consulate Nairobi Kenya
US Consulate Cuidad Juarez Mexico
US Consulate Casa Blanca Morocco
US Consulate Panama City Panama
US Consulate Manila Philippines
US Consulate Warsaw Poland
US Consulate Bucharest Romania
US Consulate Moscow Russia
US Consulate Singapore
US Consulate Bratislava Slovakia
US Consulate Taipei Taiwan
US Consulate Bangkok Thailand
US Consulate Tunis Tunisia
US Consulate Abu Dhabhi UAE
US Consulate London United Kingdom
US Consulate Kyiv Ukraine
US Consulate Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Military Discount
Discounts for Active Military

Visitor Visas, B2
Tips to get a B2 Visitor Visa?
What is a B2 Visitor Visa?
Eligibility Requirements for B2 Visitor Visa
Visitor Visa for Fiance or Spouse
Visitor Visa Mistakes
Denied Entry at US border
How Denied B2 effects K1 Fiance Visa

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