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Fiance Visa + CR1 Visa Help

If your fiance or spouse is not a citizen of the United States and you want her (or him) to enter the US, then you will need to obtain a K1 Fiancé visa or CR1 Visa. Here's how that's done...

My mission is to give you Peace of Mind
while we apply for your Fiance Visa or CR1 Visa

Bring Your Fiancé Over Sooner...I've Been Helping International Couples Unite for Over 35 Years!

You want to bring your fiancé to the US as quickly as possible, without anxiety, and for a reasonable cost, right? Then we're on the same page.

I am a fiancé visa specialist with over 35 years experience in international matchmaking.

My sole focus is helping couples navigate the complicated US fiancée visa requirements with ease so they can obtain their K1 Fiancée or CR1 Marriage Visa and be united permanently.

This isn't just a business for me.

I petitioned successfully for MY wife, (AND my Fiancee) too.

I genuinely care, and I work with you one-on-one throughout the entire process until you succeed. My edge is that I offer unique support that comes from 35 years of experience helping many hundreds of real couples like you. Their stories and their experiences are the foundation of "what really works" in addition to following the fiancé + spousal visa procedures.

"Hello, Fred. Sammi's K1 visa was approved on Tuesday morning in Guangzhou. Thank you very much for your excellent preparation of the petition and for the training to allow us to prepare the additional evidence and all documents for the interview phase. I will be looking to you for further information and help for the next phases at the appropriate time."

Theodore + Sammi, Fiancées from China

Fiance Visa or CR1 Visa Couples I have Helped

Results Speak for Themselves

More and more of my clients today come to me after being denied their fiance visas because they hired the wrong person to help them the first time around. Mistakes made by not knowing how the system works can cost you an extra year or more of separation from your fiancée.

My experienced help is the BEST INSURANCE you can get to avoid heartache and loneliness. I am a bonded Immigration Consultant and have been vetted by the FBI & Department of Justice.

If you and your fiancé are tired of waiting, and you're ready to be united permanently, go ahead and call to speak to me personally now. Otherwise, I always reply promptly to messages or emails.

Just call and say, "What is the Fiance Visa process so we can start our lives together?" I'll let you know what to expect, the costs, and what you can do right away to get started.

Call me at 1-800-806-3210 x 702

with your Fiance Visa or CR1 Visa questions

"Hi, Fred. It's Crystal, Christopher's fiance. I just wanted to drop by quick and let you know that I am now here in the US with the love of my life. We are very grateful for your help and patience in working with our visa application."

Christopher + Crystal, Fiancees from Philippines

Are you Eligible for a Fiance VISA?

First of all you must have a real courtship and relationship and you plan to marry.

Then check that you both meet the Fiance Visa eligibility requirements: You are a US citizen. You both are currently 'free to marry'. You earn over $15,510 annually. You have met each other 'face to face' within the past two years.

You must be able to 'prove' that you have a real, genuine, 'bona fide' relationship. You do this with a combination of correspondences, photos, letters, plane tickets, etc.

You should make sure that you build a solid 'paper trail' of the communications of your relationship. This means itemized telephone records, emails, instant messages, voip calls, snail mail, mailing receipts, etc. If you use prepaid cards make sure yours gives you an itemized call list, or switch to the Prepaid Card that Provides Intemized Call logs that I personally use and recommend.

When traveling to visit your fiancee, take plenty of photos, vary the shots, locations, wardrobes. Meet her family, and friends. Document with photos. Turn date stamping on. See my video on Choosing which photos to Submit with Fiance Visa Petition.

Don't move too quickly. Couples who instantly fall in love and get engaged or married may be suspected of fraud. Go slowly, build your relationship.

Don't let too much time elapse between trips. The longer the separation, the more suspect the relationship is viewed. I recommend travel to meet with your Fiancee every 6 to 9 months.

Once your relationship has developed, and you have made at least one trip, and you have abundant proof of your relatonship. Then you submit your petition for the visa, to USCIS Homeland Security.

About 6 to 9 months later your Fiancee will be asked to come to the US Embassy or Consulate located in her country to have her interview. If all goes well she is granted her visa, comes to the USA and you can marry.

Once you marry, she applies for her Green Card after Fiance Visa and remains with you.

     By Fred Wahl, your Personal Immigration Guide

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