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2017 K1 Fiancee Visa Cost Information

When you send in your K1 Visa application to Homeland Security, you include payment of $535. Then at the Consulate stage (about 3 - 6 months later). Your fiance pays to the consulate another application fee of $265. Prior to the consular interview your fiance must undergo a medical exam. The fees for this on average are around $200.

And while it is not a cost strictly associated with the Fiancee Visa, assuming things work out and the wedding takes place, she needs to "adjust" from being a temporary 90 day K1 visa visitor, to a Lawful permanent resident with permission to remain permanently with you in the USA. This is called Adjustment of Status and you should include these costs as part of your total budget.

She already had a full medical exam overseas, and her vaccination records were checked at that time. However NOW, that she wants to remain in the USA, the standard for what vaccinations are needed are higher than what was earlier needed for a theoretical 90 day only visit. Now in the USA your new spouse must meet with doctor who will review her vaccination records for the permanent residency standard. This usually costs around $100. Finally, the filing fee paid to USCIS is $1,225.

Total (start to permanent residency) is about $2,325


Fiancee visa filing fee, attached to I-129F petition


Medical exam fee, just prior to the interview at the consulate


Visa application fee, prior to interview at the consulate


Medical exam fee, to verify innoculations, conducted in USA


Green Card application fee

Total: $2,325 thru to Permanent Residency

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach

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