Adjustment of Status Support Printable Order Form

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Adjustment of Status Order Form

Please print the following form and return it by mail with your correct payment by check, or money order.  Checks should be made payable to: Heart of Asia. You may also send cash, however if you do so, please only send it by registered mail. Please mail to:

Heart of Asia 
Attn: Visa Coach
3525 Del Mar Heights Road, #408
San Diego, CA 92130 USA.

Tel: 1-800-806-3210 ext , or 1-213-341-0808 ext




Country:_________________________Zip Code:______________________


E-Mail Address:_________________________________________________

Once I get your order  I send you instructions on how we will work 
together, and include the first background questionaires
that need to be completed
by you and your fiance(e)/spouse.  These tell me all the
specifics of your case, and provide the information needed for the
visa application forms.

The fastest and "greenest" way to do this is via the internet. 
I email you the
as "word" documents you can type directly onto. Then you
email me the finished files. 

Please choose one below and tick to indicate your preference:

___ Green and fast sounds good. Please send me the questionaires and instructions

___ Snail Mail sounds good.  Please send me hardcopies of 
questionaires and instructions via postal mail.
  (Include $20 postage and handling)

Prices in US $
Adjustment of Status $ 395 - $40 ebook bonus= $355, 

Adjustment of Status $195 per child

Item Tick to order Cost of items ordered
Parent Adjustment of Status
Dependent Adjustment of Status, Per child
(when filed at same time as parent, if filed separately $395) 
. .
Expedited Turnaround *
. .
Other ** . . .
Total $ Enclosed . . .

I understand and agree that Heart of Asia, and its employees 
is not an Attorney,
Immigration Law Firm, or employee of the I.N.S. or USCIS.

Signature required:__________________________    Date:_____________

Payment Method

___ Money Order (US$ payable on US Bank) ___  Personal Check (US$ drawn on US Bank)

___ International Postal Money Order(US$ Payable on US Bank)  ___ Cash Currency US$ send via REGISTERED mail ONLY.

*Expedited Turnaround. My standard service policy is to do my part, and reply with results back to
you within 7 business days or less.  With Expedited Turnaround I will do my part and reply with results
back to you within 2 business days.  Specifically your items/answers received by 9:00 am on a business day
will be processed and replied by 5:00 pm the following business day. 

**Other. If there are any special requirements to your situation, such as previous denial, criminal record, multiple filings, requirement for a waiver, additional charges my apply. Please call me to discuss before placing your order

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