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Many Fiancee's Attempt to Shortcut immigration by applying for B2 Visitor Visa

Couples who REALLY need Fiance or Spouse visas sometimes attempt to game US immigration by applying for a B2 Visitor visa. This could lead to disaster. Here the Visa Coach warns about the worst mistake a fiance can make, which could destroy future chances to get any type of visa to the USA.

What is the Biggest Mistake a Fiance Can make when applying for a B2 Visitor Visa

Todays topic is: What is the Biggest mistake your fiancee can make when applying for a Visitor Visa?

A lot of long distance couples consider starting the Fiancee or Spouse visa process, and when they realize it takes 6 months to a year, and requires a complicated set of documents, proofs and expenses, they often hope to short-cut the process by applying for a Visitor visa.

Visitor visas for fiancee's are not easy to come by.

Often the couple seeking short-cuts, ALSO sometimes, takes short cuts on telling the truth.

To be issued the visitor visa the applicant needs to convince the consular officer that she has solid ties to her country, and she will return.

She may be tempted to lie. Perhaps she denies having a long distance relationship with an American, perhaps mistates the real purpose of her trip, perhaps falsely claims to have a local job that expects her to return.

Whatever the falsehoods are, she is jeopardizing her chances, not only to get the visitor visa, but to get ANY visa, ever to the USA.

The biggest mistake the applicant can make is being dishonest.

Consular officers are well trained and smart. They know what to look for, and what questions to ask to detect fraud.

And IF they find any, that goes into a permanent computerized record.

Guess what, the next time, the next visa application, they access the record and read what happened the last time.

Once identified as dishonest an applicants credibility may be impossible to repair.

Got a call and the person on the other end on the line was reporting what happened when his fiance interviewed for her K1 Fiance Visa.

They had a better than average case, plenty of persuasive evidence, a solid relationship, and a sincere fiance waiting for her in the USA.

During the interview, right in front of the foreign fiance, the consular officer, accessed his computer screen, and in only a moments delay, said. "looking at your records, I note you have previously applied for visas to the USA, and made false, and fraudulent statements at that time"

"You've been here before, and committed fraud. This interview is over. Your visa is denied."

The lesson to be learned is. Don't attempt to "game" immigration. Only apply for the visa that is appropriate for your case. And always be honest.

This is Fred Wahl the Visa Coach I do the work, you get the gal (or guy)

By Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach

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