How to apply for spouse visa from Egypt ?

Dear Sir,would you please help me to get some information?
I am a US citizen ,  I live in Egypt..
Me & My fiancee are getting married by the end of this year ..He also lives in Egypt . i want to know
1) since I live here in Egypt , i don’t have bank account in USA ,so should I have sponsor in USA ?

2) I need more clarification about ” domicile ”  knowing that I live in Egypt ?

3)How much time does it take to have her visa ?

4) what do you mean by co sponsor ?? he or she should be resident in Cairo ?

Thanks for your cooperation

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Staff July 15, 2014

There are a 22 countries where an American living as a resident there with his fiance or spouse can submit his request for a fiance or spouse visa directly to the US consulate in that country to have his case processed; such as Philippines, China, Thailand, India, Mexico, Jordan. But the US Embassy in Egypt does not allow Direct Consular Filing.

This means you submit your petition via mail or courier to Chicago, and eventually the case will end up in Cairo for final processing.

Since you have no income, you need to find a co-sponsor. This is someone who is willing to promise to reimburse the US government in case your spouse needs federal assistance or welfare for 10 years after arrival, AND has enough verifiable income proof to back up his promise.
Not sure about your mention of “Domicile”. Typically if the American sponsor is residing overseas the consulate in addition to needing to be convinced that the relationship is genuine and the foreign spouse is of good moral character, ALSO needs to be convinced that BOTH of you plan to return to the USA. So they want to see your proofs of planning the trip.
Spouse visas normally take about 12 to 16 months for cases processed through Cairo.
by Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach


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