Can I apply for K1 visa for my fiance although I live overseas and don’t have financial sponsor in US

Me & My fiance are  living in egypt & we are planning to have k1 visa & live in America.. i am US citizen , we are legally able to marry . so want to know detailed steps please , knowing that we dont have sponsor nor bank account in US .
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Staff July 11, 2014

A US citizen can apply for a fiance visa regardless of where he lives. In the USA or abroad, either way, he applies by submitting his fiance visa petition to USCIS in Dallas Texas. Immigration typically mails hard copies of notices to a domestic address only, so it is a good idea to have a US mailing address. Either a po box or friend or family members address where your mail is secure and will be reliably forwarded to you.
The Fiance visa is only valid for 6 months, and the marriage should occur within 90 days of arrival. And THEN you apply for adjustment of status (Green card) for your fiance, SO you and her should BOTH plan to return to the USA, and BOTH plan to STAY in the USA.
Proving financial eligibility is a common problem for expat sponsors. If working overseas, that income would dry out upon return to USA. If not working at all, then there is no income stream to demonstrate you can support your new wife.
Typically the solution is either for the sponsor to return to the USA early, and find work. Financial eligibility is demonstrated at the fiance visa consular interview, and that usually occurs around six months after Dallas receives the application. So there is time to show a “track record” at employment in time for the interview.
Alternatively, the assistance of a  co-sponsor can be enlisted. Not all consulates accept a co-sponsor for the fiance visa. Before proceeding you should contact the consulate to confirm that they allow the use of a co-sponsor. I have contacted the embassy in Cairo myself via email on this topic, but as the english ability of the person assigned to answer emails was poor, I still to this day and not clear of whether their policy is to allow or refuse the use of a co-sponsor for a fiance visa. Please telephone them directly, and advise what you learn, so I can share it with my future Egypt fiance visas who are short on income.
IF the consulate does not allow the use of a co-sponsor, then instead you shift gears, marry, then apply for a spouse visa. Co-sponsors are universally permitted for spouse visas.  You can apply for spouse visa from overseas. This time you mail the petition to Chicago.
by Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach


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