Are There Financial Joint-Sponsor Services or Networks Available?

I am an Expat living overseas where I met my wife to be. We are planning on marrying in January, 2015 and wish to immigrate back to the States in a year or two.

I have no income in the States and my family are not able to help with the sponsorship as they do not meet the requirements. Are there financial joint-sponsor services or networks available? I really do not have anyone I can turn to for help in this matter.

We would like to the States together if at all possible. Is my only real option returning home and finding a job?
Thank you for your time.

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Staff September 5, 2014

In the majority of cases when applying for immigration, the primary sponsor has adequate, income, or assets to be confirmed as financially eligible. In cases where he does not have enough income or assets, then he could enlist the support of a co-sponsor. The co-sponsor is normally a family member or close friend. In some cases I have heard of parishioners in a church congregation, accepting the role of co-sponsor. There is no organization, or service, or “loan shark”, that acts as co-sponsor. And immigration, always on the look out for fraud, would be highly suspicious of any co-sponsor who did not have an obvious personal interest in the couple and a good reason to help them.
If you have no-one that would make such a commitment for you, and you do not have enough cash assets,  then your choice is to return to the USA, in advance of your spouse, take up residence, and get a job.
A reasonable rule of thumb, is to be three months in a new job, before submitting an affidavit of support that relies on the income from that job.


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